Dog walking, mountain biking or trail running! Lots of trails

Nice quiet hike.

Blue river trail section is nice and easy. some bike and foot traffic. Once you cross blue river road and hike the Basement portion it becomes more challenging. Cliffs and rocks. Awesome trail, only downside is the road being so close.

2 months ago

First of all there's A LOT more miles of trails than described! Some areas heavily populated and some not at all depending on where you enter. I just recently found a 4.5 mile loop that was so peaceful and quiet, I didn't cross anyone but there were signs of recent trail use. I'm super glad I live near by, I use these trails frequently. It's a beautiful stretch of wilderness and even though it's inside the city you can feel like you're miles away from anything until you catch a glimpse of civilization. Stay away from the trails right by Blur River Road unless you enjoy seeing just how trashy people really are - PLEASE DON'T LITTER!!!
Do your research on the internet to find the best sections of these trails, after three years I'm still discovering new areas!

Great trails. Hike them all the time on my lunch break.

Great trail! Some areas on the river trail are pretty rocky which can be difficult with dogs. Pretty easy to follow the marked trails. A decent amount of traffic on the trail makes you feel like you won't be lost forever but isn't overcrowded. See my blog for more photos and reviews

This trail has lots of nice trees. Saw a snake. Watch out for horse poop during horse season.