Path is paved to lookout. Amazing area. We started at parking lot connected to Turkey Creek and then Silver Mines and back. Was a little over 10 miles and was an absolute blast. Will def. return

3 months ago

Beautiful Area. Get off the trail and explore is a must. We did Tiemann to Turkey then to Silver Mines and back. A little over 10 Miles. Will def. be returning.

3 months ago

Cool little trail that gets better if you explore off it!

This is one of my favorite hikes locally. The trail itself is about a two mile loop. It is paved; a slight decline all the way to the river, a slight incline on your way back to the parking lot. It has a nice lookout deck at Cat's Paw (the end of the paved trail) that overlooks the St. Francis River. You can continue to follow the trail after the pavement ends, if you wish. Overall, it is a great place to get outdoors!

My family enjoyed this today. paved walk is super east, stroller/wheelchair friendly. We went down the unpaved trail to the water right at cats paw, with a 1yr old in a carry pack on my back. we took it easy and made it down just fine enjoyed the cool water. saw a copper head on the paved trail headed back to car. gave him his space and we all went on our way. overall enjoyed it.

7 months ago

quick & easy with nice views and wildlife

I really enjoyed this hike. Plenty of wildlife and if you go during the right season you can snack on the blackberries while you walk.

Lots of birds and butterflies and assorted small wildlife. Nice paved easy trail. Also some nice unpaved options that lead towards Silver Mines.

Great easy trail. lots if bieds and butterflies. Beatiful views of river!

1 year ago

The Tienmann Shut -ins are very scenic. But you have to leave the trail to get up close. Still very scenic. If you stay on the trail it is very ordinary. Overnight camping is allowed at the Rec area south of Turkey Creek day use area.

Hiked it just to do it. ADA accessible is great with a nice overlook platform at the end. Trail back out might be challenging for some in a nonmotorized chair.

This is a very good trail for everybody.You can hike along the river as well. Wheel chair access not to steep and in and out trail.