I would recommend getting a conservation map at the trail head parking lot, they are at the sign with all the notices. this will be helpful to keep you on the loop. the train isnwell defined but there are some different trails that cut through the loop and it can be unclear which way to go. the map also showed us a way to shorten the loop which was nice. we ended up also walking the woodland trail which is on the left side of the loop. I would recommend walking this as it goes along the river and takes you to a cave which is cool, the conservation mapmwill also help you find this more easily, we just stumbled upon it. the trails is wooded, there are a few good inclines. bring your bug spray we both had ticks on us. the trail is mostly shady but does have some sunny spots so bring your suncreen too. it took us about 4 hours to do the woodland trail and the slightly shortend loop with a 15 minute stop for lunch. this was very pretty, trail is covered in gravel in most places, was occasionally Rocky, not too bad. would recommend if you have some time and like the woods.