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22 days ago

This loop can be shortened by taking the cross path located in the center of the loop. (It says "0.8" on it.) In which case the northern loop comes to about six miles, although it feels longer. There are several stream crossings, which can be up to waist deep depending on recent rainfall. The trail is marked with diamond symbols on the trees, and isn't hard to navigate, though you should take your phone or GPS with this app loaded, and preferably the maps downloaded, since cell coverage is limited. There's some nice elevation gain here and there, and a few steep rocky spots. We saw a juvenile bald eagle at Noblett Lake. All in all a pleasant hike if you are in the area.

28 days ago

GPS tracked this exact loop around 28.25 miles.. nice hike.. not overly challenging.

28 days ago

Great Trails. Well maintained. They had a controlled burn last week which left a good section on the west side of the of the loop scorched. We were able to find some water on the east side but did not see a big source until Brazil Creek.

1 month ago

Nice view from the bluff just past halfway down. This is an off-road vehicle trail.

Very beautiful hike once you get down to the creek. The trail comes and goes so we ended up just climbing on the rocks along the creek.

Nothing remarkable. If you want solitude, seldom travelled this is what you are after.

Beautiful trail! Plenty of camping opportunities. My gps clocked a little over 12 miles and about 1500 ft elevation .

Hiked Pees Hollow, a 5.3 mile loop that starts from the fire tower trailhead. Honestly, the best views were on the drive there, but it was still good to get out of the house and get some exerceise. It's been raining a lot recently, so the path might as well have been a creek at several points along the way.

Finished this yesterday with a friend from work. A hair longer than 12 miles. Looking to do it again on a warm spring day.

This area is quite possibly the most beautiful stretch of Missouri I have experienced. As Cory said pleas take care of this place. Pack in/pack out, practice safe fire use and watch out for snakes in the warmer months.

my favorite spot in the state. very remote and serene. not for anyone afraid of venomous snakes or four people looking for an easy path. please take care of it. pack in/pack out

This canyon and surrounding bluffs are one of the most desolate and beautiful spots in Missouri. Watch out for Cottonmouths!

on Berryman Trail

3 months ago

a well maintained and easy trail. Did an early February overnight camp at the spring and took the long hike out. 22.5 miles total for the loop (Ozark trail to Berryman). Relatively dull scenery that time of year but no bugs and cool air. would definitely recommend it for an easy overnight stroll.

Beautiful even in the dead of winter! The only downfall is the slick slate rocks but that is nature for ya!

I love this place!....I can't get enough of the campground or the trails....The only thing that makes me sad is that they've poured tons of gravel on the campsites....

3 months ago

Great backpacking trail.

Good trail. There are a lot of other trails (appx. 20 miles) in Swan Creek Wilderness.

There are several more trails in this area than shown here in the Swan Creek Wilderness Area - approx. 20 miles.
LInk to map of all trails here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd516654.pdf
I followed trail #6107 which I believe is the trail shown here from the east trailhead off UU Hwy to the creek and back which took me approx. 4 hrs. I didn't have any issues finding my way and found plenty of trail markers along the way.
As others have noted, a lot of trash in the parking area. I was bored on my hike back and decided to make a game of counting the pieces of trash (mostly beer cans) seen from the trail - 134 :)
Of course this doesn't include all that is laying in the parking lot. I don't know how anyone can get lost on these trails as long as you follow the beer cans :)
There is a larger parking area on the west end off Hwy 125 at the Bar K Wrangler Camp but you may have to tread some water to cross the creek to get access to the trails depending on water levels.

4 months ago

There was some trash at the trail head. Mostly beer cans and probley from kids using this as a party spot, but it cleared up down the trail. Great place for hiking with some up hills, down hills, and several flat areas. I thought the trail was worn well enough and didn't have too much trouble seeing the trail. There a couple of times I kind of lost the trail, but it's fairly obvious where the trail is at. Very few trail markers along the way, but I got to Swan Creek with no problem. The trail is a doosey (fairly steep) on the way back so be ready. Overall it was really pretty and really remote. I would recommend this trail, but give yourself about 5 hours to get to the creek and back.

4 months ago

I just hiked the Berryman loop for the first time. This section is a beautiful trek! It is important to note that the eastern side has no filterable water sources, so plan ahead with water. The trail is maintained and and very well marked. I had read that there were a lot of forest road intersections to be aware of, but with the reliable signage they were of no concern. I would highly recommend this loop for anyone looking for a quick weekend trip.

had a great time here today. nice stone arrow pointing the way at the fork and some cairns to help you back to the trail.

My wife and I made this hike. It was a good hike but the trail is not well marked and some spots were covered with leaves and we guessed. Going off Long Creek Trail we took a left going up the hill at a primitive campsite on the other side of the river bed.. It looks like a side trail but is is indeed Lower Pilot Trail Trail. The trail looks like it has not been maintained in a while as there were lots of downed trees, no biggie for us.

5 months ago

When you start off, there is a trail. The trail is completely gone before the first mile is up. We followed what we thought was the trail, but it ended up being part of the Ozark Trail, which was definitely not Crane Lake Trail. So we made our own trail. You basically just follow the lake around. Where you run into trouble is the dam. You have to go way around the back side of the shut-in to get to the other side of the lake. With no trail to follow, we were apprehensive about moving forward. We turned around and went out the same way we came in. Let me be clear, the trail gets completely lost. There is so much over growth and fallen leaves, everything looks the same. The trail looks good to start and then becomes completely non existent. Pretty area though. Nice country drive to the trailhead. Probably won't go back.
Oh, and the trail was rated as moderate...the lack of trail reclassifies it to hard.

Did full loop. east loop/orange, was generally flat, brushy, little to see. The west loop/yellow, had older forest, more open, more rolling topography, a little more scenic. Neither loop had a special scenic area. Overall, very ordinary. Trail was laid out well.

checked sign-in roster, the month of October had 29 people total registered for the hike - most were in groups of two. Low traffic.

KEEP LEFT!!! We missed that about 150 yards in. Thought by the downed trees that we should take the path to the right. Major climb, up and down Trackler Mountian.
Stayed overnight at a middle camp site. The kitchen equipment is worse for the wear, but the trip was great.

horseback riding
6 months ago

Our favorite

We went to the area during mid-November 2017 and there wasn't a drop a water anywhere but a little in the Long Creek + Devil's Den junction. We carried 2L of water each, and ran out quickly. We were able to barely filter water at this point in Long Creek to have some additional "cooking water" to supplement the drinking water that we had brought.

Here is my video review of the area:

Every area has its own natural beauty, and this area is going to be better in the springtime after heavy rains.

Check out my full review + photos under the trail "Hercules Glade Backpacking Loop"

6 months ago

Washed out in several places where you will have to search for the other side of the trail for awhile. Trail dips into thick stinging nettle and briar patches at times. Scenery is meh, not really worth hiking until the winter. Poorly marked. Needs maintenance

Did ridge runner north loop before connecting to Ozark trail. The trail was washed out badly in multiple places, you will have to search good for the other side of the trail in those places. Trail dips into thick briar patches and stinging nettle patches at times. Scenery is ok. Upside: if you camp out there the stars are nice and the coyotes/owls are nice to listen to.

Beautiful area, area not well maintained but it's an area we love

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