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Some very beautiful wilderness. Some of the best I've seen in the Midwest. Feels very remote. The river looks like a river you'd see in the Rockies. The trail along the river is pretty rugged in some spots. You have to do some rock hopping and will get some wet boots in a few spots but that's part of the fun. My 8 year old son and I hiked about 3/4 mile upstream. We saw 3 Water Moccasins about 10 minutes apart. One in the water and 2 on the edge of the trail so we decided to turn around and hike back to where the trail first meets the river(didn't see any snakes in that area, and I have a low tolerance level for poisonous snakes! ) We hung out on a large flat rock area, ate lunch, waded in the water, and enjoyed the scenery.

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mountain biking
20 days ago

Fun, rugged, interesting and actually a 21 mile loop. (see picture). My favorite wilderness trail in SE Mo. Generally open year round but a few downed trees. You can stay on your bike. Appears to get some maintenance and I move what I can. Huge cobble, washouts, mud, water crossings, deep leaves, and fun terrain that keeps your attention. Fat Bike territory, leave the skinny tire FS bike at home! Connects to the Lake Wappapello Trail which connects to the Wappapello Section Ozark Trail. Loops of 40 miles and longer can be done by combining these trails. I live close to the trail and have rode over 300 miles on it in the last two years. I've never seen another bike or track from one on this trail, no hikers, twice some horses, and once a mushroom hunter. I'm up for a ride here more often than not if anyone wants to join me for a ride contact me.

After locating the western trailhead I only made it a few yards before having to pick my carbon fat bike over the first of hundreds of downed trees crossing the trail. Never could get on a roll and actually stay on the bike for very far the whole 19 miles. In many areas the trail was so overgrown that I was plowing through heavy vegetation and this being April 25 I question if it would be passable in a few weeks. Many water crossings. No great views. No cool features. Goes through Seed Tick Hollow... and they mean it ! Took my wife and I six hours to remove 3000 ticks from the dog she picked up despite tick control treatment! My pockets were full of ticks. I rate the trail "All the punishment, non of the reward." If you want a much better local wilderness mountain bike trail that's fun fat bike perfect, go to the University Forest Trail.

The waterfalls were amazing! Very happy we went while the water was there. Maybe I'm just a baby but I hated how rocky the trails were. I just hated not being able to see the scenery because I had to watch the ground the whole time so I didn't break my ankles.

Amazing views! More rocks than we expected. Trail challenging but doable. A good 2 Day hike.

Worth walking the whole trail. Theres a skippable section that leads to a beautiful pond/glade, picnic area. Just make sure you follow the map and you'll come across it. All around its a fairly normal path with a few cross overs from other trails, so keep the map handy

1 month ago

My daughter and I completed the upper pilot knob section from the fire tower. Great trail, but yes definitely have a map. Be careful of the false trails. There are few trail markers. Fairly easy to get led off of the real trail into some back country area. otherwise, great, peaceful area to hike, backpack, and camp .

A simple enough path that goes through a few different biomes. The main draw is the view you'll receive part way through. Not worth driving far but if you're in the area its a nice stop.