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10 days ago

favorite place in missouri

Repost: My first review disappeared.

If you're hiking or backpacking forget about this place. Trails are not blazed or maintained and are in terrible condition. If you're lucky enough to stumble across a blaze it's so old and faded that you can't read it.

Another major problem is that there are so many offshoot, dead end, and cut-through trails that aren't mapped or marked that you will easily get off trail and lost. There are points where the trail simply disappears and you can't see any evidence where it picks back up. Even with a trail map and compass we got off trail and lost numerous times. Thank goodness for GPS!

Finally, the trash from horseback riders is ridiculous. Beer cans and water bottles everywhere. There is a definite lack of respect for the trail. "Leave No Trace" seems to have no meaning here, even with signs at the trail head reminding you to "Pack It In - Pack It Out".

trail running
16 days ago

Well maintained, with beautiful views of the lake. Mileage is over 12 miles instead of the 10 miles listed. Great trail

20 days ago

Awesome spot with tons of off trail exploring. Definitely some challenging terrain in the area but nothing too difficult. I will certainly be returning this summer

absolutely breathtaking. watch the weather forecast on this one though because some of the creek crossings and the mina sauk falls crossing were a bit of a pain after two days of rain. a good number of blazes are down so keep your map and compass handy

23 days ago

One of the best trails in the state, no doubt about it. Very rugged and remote. Camped at the second camp site (the furthest one upstream) and it was a perfect location. Amazing rhyolite formations! Can't wait to go back and climb up the sides of the hills to get a good look at the ravine.

Be sure to wear sturdy shoes. The trail frequently crosses boulder piles/talus slopes and you may need to cross the creek occasionally.

Really nice walk, but please take a map and make sure your comfortable reading it and not relying on trail markings/blazes. There is very minimal makings, and it can be very easy to get turned around.

mountain biking
23 days ago

A really great loop on a mountain bike! The sections where the trail follow the contour of the ridges is an absolute blast to bike!

28 days ago

trail around lake is lackluster but the Shut-ins south of the dam is a blast. could spend a few hours in there. A lot of fire pits.

Not really a review, more of a question....interested in doing this trail, but don't want to if it's too rough from the horses. Any recent feedback on this?

beautiful and brutal. love this hike. point to point talm saulk to jsi.Has water.. great views.. watch your step due the loose rocks.

Really nice stroll through the Ozarks hills. Trail isn't travelled enough to be really well defined, but I had no problems finding my water through going either direction. I parked at Crane Lake, hiked over to Marble Creek Campground and then returned back the same way to my car at Crane Lake. Was around an 18 Mile out and back.

1 month ago

This is such a great hike! Some of the most untouched land around! Whoever rates this less than a 5 is crazy. Maybe they're trying to keep it to their self!? Trees down and lightly trafficked trail is what makes it fun! The trail is obvious enough through the woods to the creek so don't worry about that.

You can bushwhack down stream to where it meets the river or go upstream to Cathedral Canyon (recommended).

Tips: Go here on a warm winter day to avoid snakes and wear waterproof shoes!

Rough Road, Trail is hard to find and hard to maintain trail. What an amazing area if you can get there.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! Gorgeous scenery! Our family of six loved it!