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washed out
11 days ago

the mud made more challenging and the wildlife made it more enjoyable

i have hiked this trail and ran it. both very enjoyable. moderate in difficulty. footing is mosly dirt. the last time i hiked it we had got about an inch of snow. came across four elk laying on the walk path. we had to detour off course to get around them. these things are massive!!

Very muddy, will try again when it’s dry.

amazing hike filled with wildlife

16 days ago

Awesome hike with our GSD mix. First half was easy and relaxing. Second half was fun! Plenty of hills and rocks! Glad we went from Lone Elk to West Tyson and back because we were really happier to have a more relaxing bike back to the car. Took us 7 hours with stops.

This is a great little trail just outside of St. Louis. It’s fun getting to see elk, I see the herd literally every time I hike. They dot run away which is kind of nice so you can really observe them. I like doing the trail and then turning around and going back for a good 6 mile hike. Takes me around 2- 2 1/2 hours.

Nice dirt/ gravel trail that we enjoyed on a January day with 50 degree weather. It’s listed as difficult but seems moderate. Saw quite a few elk along the way. Some were right on the path so we detoured around them so not to disturb and respect their space. Not too steep with some hills and level areas and well marked. The trail is mostly shaded with views of the lake. We thoroughly enjoyed our hike!

1 month ago

This was a good hike. We had our 1 (in a backpack) and 4 year old with us, so it couldn’t be too strenuous. There was a lot of standing water, but they were easy enough to travel around.

2 months ago

Easy hike with wide paths throughout. We made excellent time and only saw a couple of other people. The loop portion of the trail had standing water in many places. There are side trails to go around those sections, which makes me think the water is a common problem. Alltrails says "no dogs," but I didn't see any signage indicating that dogs aren't allowed.

Nice trail with plenty of flat terrain to prepare you for the hills
Will be back soon

Varied terrain, some rutting to due to horses.

This trail was a bear to tackle, but so much fun! It’s challenging because of its distance and elevation gain a little over half way through, yet 70% of it is flat with beautiful wildlife and scenery. I started in lone elk park and went to the west tyson trailhead. Then decided to hop on the flint quarry trail which eventually took me back to the chubb trail where I could head back to my car. This way ended up totaling 13 miles. Bring lots of water and snacks!

6 months ago

Lovely hike for a mid-summer hike! The trail was balanced with both hills and flat areas. The trail is gravel/dirt and narrow with overgrown brush in areas. Most of the trail is shaded. We saw countless elk, deer, and turkey along the trail. At times we had to take an alternate route to avoid disturbing the wildlife on the trail. We inspected ourselves after the hike and found we were covered in hundreds of seed ticks on us despite DEET insect repellent. We drove through the bison area but didn’t have any sightings. We will return again soon!

Fun trail to run. A couple of those hills are just plain evil which is always a plus. The trail is marked pretty well and was maintained for the most part. There was a small overgrown section and a downed tree on the path. I'll definitely come back to this one again.

We hike this all the time, by the way a lot of people walk their dogs here including us and there are no signs that prohibit it.

Awesome trek. Deer, turkey, elk and mostly wooded.

If you’re debating whether to start at Lone Elk or at West Tyson, West Tyson has water (and Lone Elk did not), which allowed me to refill at the halfway point which was very nice in the middle of summer. Trail was nice. Long steep sections which I preferred more than the constant undulation I get with Lewis. I did get off the trail once or twice but easily backtracked once I realized something was off.

Good hike. I thought I would mention in this app to stay at least 100 ft from the elk. There were several on the trail. People have been gored by the elk, granted one group was trying to take a selfie with the elk so some are related to clueless hikers. Be extra careful during mating season which is mid-August through December when the elk are particularly aggressive.

Very nice walk through the Elk’s habitat. The trail is a nice gravel and dirt path, shaded, and well marked. We were able to observe many elk grazing and laying around along with many varieties of birds.
You are also able to see the bison but only from your car as they are in a different part of the park.

7 months ago

Very nice trail, also used by bikers so be aware. Beautiful scenery I would say a moderate trail with some steep parts but also flat along river and fields. Done this trail many times , prefer late fall or winter

7 months ago

Good trail with a couple of good inclines. We drove through the whole park first and saw some Bison and Elk. Saw one doe on the trail though we went at Mid-Day.

8 months ago

This is a very nice trail through Lone Elk Park. It offers a lot of hills and animal sightings. We go a couple times a year.

It was beautiful ☺️
Definitely come back again

Really enjoyable trail! Interesting terrain, elk wandering about, decent elevation shifts (not extreme, but not trivial). The elk were cooling themselves in the lake on the unseasonably warm day we visited.

Two items to note: there were a lot of logs intersecting the trail.nothing insurmountable, but just a heads up. Also, the bathrooms don’t have soap.

Has everything

Saw lots of elk! This hike was challenging with some steep grades but leveled off soon enough that it wasn't too tough.

Actually White Bison Trail. And you won't see any bison on it. They are in a no foot zone.
Overall worthwhile for deer, birds, and Elk.
Up and down narrow not paved.

2nd time on this trail. We LOVE it. It will be a repeated trail going forward. This time we got to see elk and deer! Keep your eyes open as they blend in well and many of the elk were laying right next to the trail. Respect their environment and space.

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