8 days ago

Walked 1/5
Great trail for a warm winter day lots of open pastoral and grassy areas plus broad car width path for walking side by side. Bonus for dog friendly
Cross small pretty creek area and was able to keep feet dry with use of a downed tree and then ends up at the upper lake/river. Would be over exposed for a hot day but a nice walk with minimal elevation change and only a short rockier trail area.
No restrooms, water, garbage cans or dog poop bags
Open upgraded parking off active road for safety

1 month ago

Nice place to walk the dog through open fields rather than the usual ozarks 'through the woods' trail. Was well maintained, hard to get lost and saw a city worker collecting trash which other people unfortunately had left behind.

2 months ago

Very nice and easy hike. You just kind of meander down and then turn around and head back up. I tend to get a little "stronger" as I hike if that makes any sense, so going back uphill the second half of the trip suits me perfect.

3 months ago