This is a well marked trail that is about 1/4 paved. It travels through a wooded area before running by the lake. The part of the trail by the lake is paved. There are some very nice views of the lake and the power plant across the lake along the paved part of the trail. Parts of the trail were under water due to recent rains. As expected by being in the city, it was a busy trail.

Nice park with a good trail. Some of the trail is paved and some goes up in the bluffs by the lake. There is playground equipment on top of a hill that has a great view.

We started near the entrance to the park on a rare 70 degree day in January and went up the rugged part first. This way at the halfway point you are at the bluff and get a nice rest and beautiful view! If you're lucky you might spot an eagle from the bluff! You can also stop at the marina if you need a drink or a bathroom break. Then returning is all paved trail to wind down!

8 months ago

There's only 2 trails. Both are nice but not very long. There are a few nice bluff lookouts and small trails around the water if you can find them. Usually quite a few runners and family's at the playground.

Great trail... easy hike to kill some time!

The park is beautiful and the trail was too

Most of the trail is in the trees and dirt trails. Well marked and easy to follow. Dont worry I cleared the trail of any spiderweb stretching across