Good hike, although muddy/slippery in some areas despite being the driest part of winter. I did need to find a walking stick to keep from sliding everywhere. Pretty, even in winter. Good elevation changes.

9 days ago

Nice trails with a fair amount of elevation. Some cool rock beds where the creek runs through near the 2 mile mark. Outside of that, a pretty standard hike.

Pretty good hike but it was rather muddy especially near the beginning where the new area is - even though the signs are set up to hike the trail in a clockwise fashion - you may want to go counterclockwise at the fork in the trail, as you will see the more scenic areas first and it will be less hilly. Also if you don't want to do the entire hike you will see the good areas going in this direction

I enjoyed this trail as did my dog. Barely any road noise. I would have given it a higher score. There were two cars in the lot but we didn't see anyone. We had a great time for a short 2 hour hike.

I thought the trail was marked great so maybe something changed. I saw some photos which included a little water fall and I didn't see it...maybe that is off the trail a bit. I got a late start so we didn't have much time to investigate and since I can get lost easily I stick to the trails.

3 months ago

the first two miles were not that great. but might have been because we went October 1st so not much water. the last mile was really cool with fun creeks and rocks. Definitely good idea to wear pants. trail is not marked so great but still did fine. we were the only ones on the trail

4 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail. I went on September 18, a few days after a lot of rain. So that meant that the trails were kind of muddy (but tolerable) but it also meant that there were a lot of great little streams and mini-waterfalls that we crossed. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The area is remote. You're kind of in the middle of nowhere. Which is great! The trail isn't the best-maintained, and there are a lot of steep sections where you have to climb your way up or down by finding little footholds. Make sure your shoes have traction, because mine didn't, and it was tricky!

6 months ago

This place is absolutely beautiful, but you have to get off-trail to see the good stuff. Explore all the creeks and waterfalls for a good time. You can literally spend all day here.

Awesome trail if your looking for something rugged and without a lot of people. Some slick rocks but just watch your step! Me and my boyfriend brought our dogs and they seemed to love it too.

7 months ago

It was a hike. Not a lot of anything special, just a hike. Went clockwise and ended with some actual climbing over things and stuff, that was fun.

8 months ago

A great hiking trail..a little overgrown and there are some trees that need to be removed but we had a good workout.