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Just south of Highway 50, about midway between Sedalia and Warrensburg, lies an often overlooked gem of the Missouri state park system. Knob Noster State Park is an ideal spot for relaxing and forgetting the cares of the world - even if just for a few hours. The park is an interesting mixture of prairie, savanna and forest, with 3,934 acres lying along both sides of a meandering creek. Several small lakes in the park cater to the fisherman, and non-motorized boats may be used. Picnic sites dot the lakeshore and three open picnic shelters make an ideal place for group get-togethers in a tranquil setting. The outdoor adventurer can enjoy several trails running through the park, including an equestrian and an all-terrain bicycle trail. Budding naturalists will enjoy hiking out to one of the savanna restoration areas and seeking out the many bird species found in the park. Pin Oak Slough Natural Area along Clearfork Creek has been recognized for its unique natural beauty. For visitors wanting to enjoy more than just a few hours here, there is a wooded campground with modern amenities. Two group camps offer outdoor facilities and fun for larger, organized groups.

great short trail around the small lake. be careful if it has been raining a lot of the trail is just above the high watery line of the lake

Nice, easy trail that is well- marked and has occasional ups and downs, but nothing too intense. Enjoyable. Shared the trail with an armadillo.

Nice trail on an early winter day with mist in the air and wet leaves plastering the trail soggy in the mist like wet corn flakes in a bowl. Variety in the trail with ups and downs walking on a ridge above the creek and views through the denuded winter forest. 5 does. Where are the bucks.

Very nice, beautiful in fall. Well marked and maintained. Two connector trails. Went on busy fall weekend and had trail to ourselves.

Lovely trail around the lake. Short but on road.

Lovely in the fall! No ticks and great color. Stream crossing were no problem when it hadn't rained for a few days. Well marked for trail and connectors. Had the place to ourselves, even on a busy weekend.

Have hiked this several times. Nice loop, well maintained, interesting and varied. Signage can be problematic and map is a little confusing, but worse case is you end up with an extra loop around the lake.

Well marked and maintained. Moderate for beginners. Plenty of ticks in summer. Take lots of water!

4 months ago

Great trail. Except for the spiders...

Lovely area, solitude, variety. Well marked trail.

Good trail

Nice shady trail. Lots of spiderwebs. Cool when it’s hot in the sun.

on Hawk Nest Trail

5 months ago

I have done some pretty big mountain hiking being here in Colorado but I will give it to you Missouri, This hike nearly killed my daughter, my dog and I. This trail will forever be known as the “NOPE trail” BEAUTIFUL however everything is trying to kill you. Spiders all over the trail from beginning to end with their delicately placed webs just in the right spot to snare & eat you. We saw our lives flash before our eyes at LEAST 30 times trying to escape the spiders of doom, not to mention flying weirdness everywhere! This was straight up some Indiana Jones crap we got into. Do yourself a favor and do NOT do this hike unless you are outfitted with proper hazmat gear. I would definitely suggest a light & easy jaunt up one of our many 14ners here in Colorado before trying this hike that someone rated as “moderate” which is clearly NOT MODERATE & is one of the most dangerous hikes in the history of hiking & should be rated as an “eff that” in the hiking scale. We did not leave empty handed though! My beautiful pure bred Australian cattle dog pit bull mix came back to Colorado with a lovely infestation of creepy tics. Cheers to you Missouri & the lovely nature you provide ♥️

6 months ago

very well marked, mostly shaded in the summer, trail appeared to be cared for (only a few weedy areas), some ticks even with repellent

7 months ago

Lots of ticks. More rustic than I expected.

Really enjoyable trail. Mostly in the woods however there are some spots through open areas. The open areas have really tall grass almost covering the trail, pretty sure I picked up most of my ticks there. Like any outdoor area bug spray is a must. I hiked it clock wise and the end right before getting back to the parking are is amazing. There are lots of tall pine trees with a wide trail covered in duff. Loved the smell of that area reminds me of trail hikes in California. I would absolutely recommend this just keep in mind that it is also an equestrian trail so parts are hard to walk due to the trail being tore up by hooves.

It was well marked . A great trail for taking the dogs . We had to cross over water a few times . It was a little muddy in places but over all a great trail . There are a lot of ticks on this trail . So make sure to bring spray .

I loved this trail! We became trail runners tonight, and other than the mud created from yesterday’s rain, it was terrific! We will do this trail again!

Kinda boring but overall not bad

8 months ago

The trail was good. We were able to keep sight of the lake most of the way. This trail has lots of tree roots to hike over, but it was a peaceful walk. My daughter, Emma snapped some pictures for me. Day two of training our dog to trail walk. She was a little wild today so it took everything out of me to walk her. We will press on!

Great trail, but if it weren’t for All Trails, we would have been confused. Trail head not marked, blue ribbons finally indicated the correct path. Tough going for us since it was our German Shepherd Husky mix’s first time for public leash training. In the end she enjoyed it. Way to go Scout!

enjoyed this trail so much a ran it twice. great mixture of hills and meadows.

9 months ago

nice trail in a great park. it shares points with another trail so you can go the wrong way if you aren't careful.

9 months ago

Nice easy trail behind visitor center but nothing special. Would be good for children.

9 months ago

Trail was not marked well. It took about 40 min & has a nice ending by a lake. I would suggest it, but it’s nothing great.

9 months ago

Great place to get outdoors, hike and install the love of nature to small children. For me, it was close and it’s too beautiful of a day to not hike!

9 months ago

10 months ago

Would be really nice in warmer weather when it greens up. Trail is not clearly marked in some areas. Awesome ending.

Beautiful trail. Lots of roots and stones.

11 months ago

Similar to my experience on McAdoo Trail--way too muddy to venture far on this trail. We made it to the small pond, then turned back around. You reach this TH after going through the main entrance of the Park, turn left at the Visitors Center and follow the road out of the park to Hwy DD. Good road signage to get you to Opossum Trail and to McAdoo Trail.

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