Gateway to the West The Gateway Arch reflects St. Louis' role in the Westward Expansion of the United States during the nineteenth century. The park is a memorial to Thomas Jefferson's role in opening the West, to the pioneers who helped shape its history, and to Dred Scott who sued for his freedom in the Old Courthouse. Hours vary by season.

road biking
7 days ago

I can now use my other hand to count how many times I've been on a bike in 15 years. So it's definitely beginner-friendly, but the length can make it challenging! Around the arch it gets congested with people but very quickly becomes almost deserted. Just follow the signs for the trail and it's easy to find your way. Cool grafitti, great riverfront views, and you can get up close to every bridge that comes across the Mississippi. Can't wait to do it again!

road biking
1 month ago

love the arch and grounds, visited 2 different times

With the grounds of the Arch under renovation, it can get very hot in a Missouri Summer.

3 months ago

lots to see East for beginner's

road biking
10 months ago

Great biking trail - not the best for hiking... all paved, but the new river front section is amazing.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nice walk along the river while going to the arch and visiting the downtown area. Great little walk, but as mentioned, they are doing a lot of work in the area.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nice walk thru the city.

This trail is under construction & most of it is closed until 2017.