loved this trail but one of the trails was really hard to follow with all the leaves. trails are not marked.

Beautiful rock formations.

No water off the falls today but still beautiful and a nice short hike. Beautiful rock formations. We will be back during the rainy season.

Great cliffs and kickass rock formations. Super fun and easy trail.

amazing views, lots of big rock bluffs.

Very nice, but not super long. Glad it wasn't too busy. Some parts of the trail are very weedy and we saw lots of snakes and ticks, so pay attention.

7 months ago

My favorite short hike in the Farmington area!! Gorgeous!!

Take note that this is a rugged trail for beginners. The scenery was beautiful but I was dissapointed that the waterfall was not flowing when we went, even though we have had rain in the area for a few days. Also, watch out for snakes-we encountered two copperheads on the trail. We will come back again to look at the waterfall.