Many visitors believe that Hawn State Park is the loveliest of Missouri's state parks, with forests of pine and oak, sandstone bluffs and canyons, and clear sand-bottom streams. The park's many trails, picnic areas and campground are well suited for visitors wishing to enjoy the splendor of nature; it is truly a nature lover's paradise. The 4,953-acre park preserves some of the finest areas for viewing Missouri's wide variety of natural wonders. The 2,880-acre Whispering Pine Wild Area offers excellent opportunities to backpack, bird watch or study nature. Covered with pine, oak and flowering dogwood trees, the area is home to a diverse set of plants, animals and birds. Pickle Creek, because of its high quality and pristine nature, has been designated as a state natural area. It is also one of the few places in the state where visitors can see such a wide variety of rock types exposed at the surface. Enjoy a quiet lunch at one of the many picnic tables that dot the sandy, pine-needle-covered forest floor. Hike along some of the most scenic backcountry trails in Missouri. Hawn State Park is the perfect setting for visitors eager to explore the unspoiled natural beauty of the Show-Me-State.

Loved it. The camp host was on site and very helpful--he got us checked in without having to wait until the office officially opened, so we could hit the trails well before dark. The walk-in campsites, which is where we stayed, can't be reserved, but we were there mid-week and were able to choose from three open sites. While they're not very removed from one another (you can see and hear fellow campers), it was still a great experience. We picked a site right next to the creek and feel asleep to the sound of gurgling water and tree frogs.

The bathhouse is also quite nice with individual shower rooms and laundry facilities. Firewood and ice are available when the office is open (or the host is available), and, of course, the trails are epic. Beautiful scenery, well-maintained paths, and good, long trail loops for hours of hiking.

P.S. I agree with other reviewers: Keep your stuff secure from raccoons--those little buggers are quite clever and persistent!

Wow, what a beautiful trail! My husband and I camped at Hawn State Park and did this, and other, trails, and it was a great trip.

I was a little concerned that the trails would be muddy, as we'd had a lot of rain recently, but the trails were in great condition. There seems to be enough sand in the soil that they drain well. The trails were also very well maintained with fallen trees and other debris cut and cleared away.

As for the terrain and views--WOW. Beautiful lichen-covered rocks and boulders, stunning overlooks, rolling, wooded hills, lush pine forests, creeks and rock falls. We were there just as the leaves were turning for the fall, and it was like walking through Sleepy Hollow (minus the headless ghost). We will definitely go back!

My wife and I were very impressed with this hike! I would highly recommend going soon as the leaves were changing when we were there last weekend and it was beautiful.

We did the combined loop for an approximate time of 5 hrs 45 min and 10 miles. If you want a shorter hike I would skip the south loop as we both agreed the north was more scenic (with the exception of the furthest south point of the south loop which had some nice rock formations).

You can expect a very serene and relaxing experience as you wander along this beautiful trail. Only a few steep sections. If you want a better idea of what it's like here is a short video we made of our hike...

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Went for a short backpacking trip. We hiked the North loop into South loop about
6.5 miles first day. Stayed at one of the campsites...clear and plenty of room for tents. Packed out about 3 miles on day two. Trails were well maintained with a few dots that were overgrown. Encountered a few other people. Overall a good trip. Would definitely come back.

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Did the North Loop with my dog a few days ago which is around 6 miles. Would probably like to go back when more leaves have fallen. Most streams were dry so waterfalls weren’t active. Saw only one person in the 4.5 hours. Very good trail with some rough spots and climbing. I enjoyed it very much.

14 days ago

Great trail and backpacking experience. Note that the raccoons are very very clever. Actually bit through my URsack - made for a very hungry last day. Also the Alltrails map isn't as accurate as the map you can get at the trailhead. Wife and I did the North and South loop as well as the pickle creek section - which is is rugged. Plenty of water, scenic views, and good times.

Love it! Serene but difficult. Terrain is rugged, but wandering through the sprawling forest of pine trees is worth it.

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A very rocky trail. Scenic at times, but watch your footing. The trail across the creek was not clearly marked. So we doubled back. It was a struggle, but the "lady with the knee brace," trudged out. We stopped by the ranger shack on the way out. We learned someone reported "a lady in a knee brace in trouble." Thank you for your concern. She is now resting in bed.