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The signage is poor and the distance of the trail is confusing. All trails says 1.9 miles bit the actual trail says it is 4+ miles.

Great scout trail for hiking.

2 months ago

Great trail enjoyed doing it twice

The fall colors were stunning here yesterday!

Beautiful trail, although perhaps better for a bike or horse ride. Probably won’t hike it again just due to the sheer amount of times I had to step off the trail to make way for riders.

If your looking for a great workout then this trail is for you. The full trail is about 14.5 miles in full. There are some good long heart pumping hills before and after melrose road. Besides that it's consistently up and down. There's a scenic trail about 5 miles in that is about .7 miles. Wasn't the most scenic. Towards the end of the trail you'll be right behind six flags and can smell the funnel cakes and hear the roller coasters. Also towards the end of the trail there's a lot more overgrowth you'll go through, so be wear pants bc you'll definetly get a few ticks. I would recommend going to the scenic lookout and back, not much to see after that.

5 months ago

We got misled by some of the signage. Still, it’s a nice walk through the forest.

Left from the trailhead at the Visitors Center and went clockwiser. Had a heck of a time picking up the trail when we hit the Equestrian Center. Wandered around the parking lot a few times, then finally located it. Very nice hike. Was surprised that we had a nice breeze even at the lower parts of the trail. Would like to see it when it is wet.

The distance was a little off I showed 3.1 miles. It was a good hike i would definitely mark it as moderate. Unfortunately all the creek beds were dry.

5 months ago

Enjoyed a gorgeous day on this trail. The trailhead is just behind the equestrian center and has two parking places adjacently located. The trail is pretty narrow - tough to walk and talk. There are a few confusing areas to locate where the trail picks back up around camping and other equestrian areas. No issues with insects today. Near the end, there were some areas that were pretty overgrown. Enjoyed the moderate elevation climbs but mostly an easy going trail.

5 months ago

The official Dogwood trail is actually 2.6 miles and is the northern section on the map. It's a decent challenge with a good amount of elevation change, but not too much. Just watch out for the horses***, which I mean literally.

moderate challenge with some nice technical areas. not for beginners. hope you like to uphill. there are plenty of ascents. great strength training.

I love Greensfelder. My great-great grandfather Charles Evans once owned several hundred acres that is now part of Greensfelder. It's an excellent place to camp and to hunt for rocks in the creek.

Nice Park. Trails are generally well maintained. No blazes, but markers located at intersecting trails. Quite a few nice trails in the park to choose from.

7 months ago

Not really well marked but a good trail with some cool sites.

Eagle Valley Trail, approx 3.5mi. Delightful changes in terrain, elevation, & plants.

Trailhead: When driving from i44, do NOT turn right onto a one-way road as soon as you see a "Welcome to Greensfelder" sign. Just stay on the two-lane & you'll get to the visitor's center & trailhead much faster!

Trail Traffic: Unlike the app's description ("heavily trafficked"), we only saw a handful of other people on a Saturday in July :)

Caution: Look carefully when the Eagle Valley (blue) & Deer Run (yellow) trails unite. We followed a dry downhill tributary and had to double back.

Special treat: wild raspberries! Yum!

8 months ago

My bf and I use this trail to train for bigger hikes. (currently training for half dome in yosemite) its just long, the trail is more like 14.5, maybe took us 9 hours but thats the most i ever gone. start very early!!! my knee started to hurt towards the end. hiking poles are for sure needed especially after rain.

8 months ago

9 months ago

Hiked just the Rockwoods Range section and it was a wonderful hike - signage could be better but overall I would recommend this hike.

9 months ago

got lost multiple times. trail is mixed old and new and the red map in AllTrails is incorrect.

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