Did this one on a cold Sunday morning. Went clockwise at the spur as advised. Last 1/3 can be tricky if you’re not paying attention. Inclines were not hard at all. Phone died at the ten mile marker but gps had me at 10.40 once I got back to the sign. Great hike if you’re looking for a longer one. I’ve now knocked Johnson shut ins off my hiking list and I’m on to the next park.

Easy peasy. Nice little trail.

GPS tracked the trail near 10.6 miles.. trail should not be rated as hard. Ok, moderate, easy to follow trail.

trail running
9 months ago

Super fun trail to run. I have two GPS watches (Garmin and Epson) going, mine and my dogs, and didn't go "off trail" but for 0.2 tenths of a mile and both watches showed 10.55 miles, so it is longer than advertised here, but the trail head shows 10 miles. I followed the recommendations from below and ran counter clockwise and feel it was a good choice as you have more "fire roads" on the west side and lest boulder fields. The hogs have done a number on the trail though on the west side, but still runable. Took a little over 3 hours at an easy pace. Trail is CLEARLY blazed and not an issue to follow as you can almost always see the next blaze once you are at the current one. Only place that was a small issue is the creek bed area at the start as the normal spring floodings over the years can make it not quite obvious where the path is, but it's not hard to find it again. Nice views on the east side but more rock fields. Good, good trail to experience, did it with my pup and had a great time.

11 months ago

This is a pretty fun trail due to the low traffic and occasional good views. According to my pedometer, GPS and some locals, this trail is more like 12 miles which was pretty misleading. There is a reverse notch on the trail loop back where the markers are a little sparse. Make sure you have this map downloaded and make sure you have lots of water / trail snacks because it is very easy to become disoriented.

I would definitely hike in a clockwise direction next time, I'm sure it would be much better that way!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The trail was great, it is however a horse trail as well so there are some landmines. On the trail at 9am and went counter-clockwise. In hindsight going clockwise would have timed the sun better with the Western and Eastern facing overlooks. Taking the five minute white connector to the OT is a must.

Plenty of signs there are boars in this area, wallows, rooting and rubs.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

This hike was on the easier side of moderate. We did it counter-clockwise. Good views of the Taum Sauk reservoir from the east side of the mountain. Take the short spur trail to the OT around mile 8.5. The vista is worth the short, easy hike. There were no water sources on this trail when we did it in October.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Very well marked trail! I gps'ed it to be closer to 11 than 10 miles. The last 1/4 mile six wild boar ran across the trail about 50 yards in front of us! A site to see but could have turned ugly had we been closer !

Friday, October 14, 2016

This being my first hike of this length I have to say it was a great start!! Great views along with some challenging sections( at least for a old fat guy). Really enjoyed it though!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nice trail. The start will take you over a few creeks to get your feet wet, bushwack a little or take the road that's ten feet away to avoid them. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Once you make the climb at the start you'll find nice glades and some decent overlooks, though you might have to get off the trail just a little to get the views. You can see Taum Sauk, the scour, and a pretty valley view for a good portion of the eastern section of the trail. Western side of the hill is pretty, make sure to take the OT spur to check out the overlook on the southwest corner of the loop. It takes 5 minutes at most. Some of the trail is an old road, wide and rocky. There was a little horse pooh and such but it wasn't bad.

Note to hikers: Don't make fires on rocks! The heat cracks the rocks and makes them break down. A one hour fire causes more damage than a few hundred years of erosion, and then everyone has to look at your mess, and no more glades!

Friday, March 04, 2016

This was our first hike of the season. It was a great first hike, the terrain was relatively flat for most of it. It did rain on us and parts of it were a bit muddy, since it's an equestrian trail parts of it had been used recently and that's where most of the mud was. Lots of pretty open patches along the way you could hop off the trail and walk to but the scenery otherwise wasn't much. At the start we did end up walking through several creeks where my hiking partner did get her feet wet right at the get go, so that was not fun, but otherwise a good first trail for the year.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

This trail was very cool. I backpacked it starting at Johnson Shut-ins Camp grounds on Hwy MM. The trail starts right at the entrance to the camp ground. I did not complete the 10 mike loop trail of the Goggins. Instead I crossed over to the OT ( Ozark Trail ) where the cross over is at one of the beautiful glades. I got a late start and made it there at 5pm. They ask you set up camp 2ml past the cross over ( there is no camping on the Goggins ). Once on the OT I traveled NW to find a very rocky mountainess trail marked with both tree tags and stacked rocks. This part was semi difficult as the trail went on it descent the markings were less and eventually faded all together. The area was hilly and rocky and dins to camp, so I decided to try to navigate the trail for a better place to camp. I was unable to find the trail and lost my way back. Do to night fall and rain the Lord provided me a safe area, rocky and just enough room to set up my tent. There I stayed till sun rise reading a book and listening to the rain, praying it wouldn't get to bad and wash me out. By morning my prayers were answered and I was able to navigate my way back up the mountain side through the thick woods to the GT. I was able to get back to my camp by 11am and told a ranger there that this part of the OT is not well traveled and poorly marked. Well God did provide me the adventure I wanted and delivered me back quick and safe. The Goggins is a good hike, a little grassy this time of year do to kids back in school and less traveled.

Watch out for the road apples, God bless and be safe. MaGoo

1 month ago

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

on Goggins Mountain Trail

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