Poorly marked trails and my dog and I were both covered in seed ticks even with bug spray on. Not a fun day.

nice! lots of spider webs...watch your step. I will be wearing hiking boots and fully covered..blue jean trail.. I started yellow..ended dogwood..narrow hiking trails where hikers only are permitted.. and came to the broken bridge...had to pull myself up and out in a not easy way... Lol..
fix the bridge please...more hikers makes easy to follow trails.. need of love.. it is a lovely place! :)

I skipped Dogwood and did Yellow trail and an offshoot I came across. Beautiful area, but pretty muddy due to heavy equestrian traffic. I think I would have enjoyed it more as a trail ride instead of a hike.

Nice trail but it was pretty hot and not a lot of shade on the dogwood trail so my dog was over heating. We ended up doing the short dogwood trail. Will come back on cooler day or without my walking bud if it’s hot day.

Good short close hike

Fun trails with some good hills, watch out for horse poop though

Nice place but the water was high so if you weren’t on a trail expect to get wet. Lots of horses walking around but friendly

Just hiked this area with my dog and had a great time - I brought a copy of the area map with me and this made it easy to get around - I started off on the yellow trail (going clockwise to avoid the steep hill at the beginning of the hike) - I then branched off to the red trail and then the purple trail - this eventually took me back to the red trail and then back to the yellow loop. When I got back near the beginning I headed over to the Dogwood Trail - I did it counter clockwise - it got a little confusing after crossing the wooden bridge but I stayed to the left and found the trail marker to head up into the woods and complete the loop down by the creek -

Abundance of blackberries to pick in the fall!

Good hike, great workout - lots of loose rocks. We were blessed with a warm December day! So far no ticks.

The actual Dogwood Ridge Trail is 2.2 miles, according to maps at Forest 44. It is a "Hiking Only" trail. The map currently shown on this app includes hiking the Yellow (U) Trail, which is a multi-use trail. To access the Dogwood Trail, hike along the open area at the right side of the parking lot, cross over the creek bed, then look for a sign for the Dogwood trail on the left.
There are 8 other trails in this area. There are trail markers and I would recommend taking a map from the box in the parking area. (I will try to upload a photo of it). The multi-use trails are well-used by horses and are a bit treacherous here and there. I could see where it would be easy to get lost if you aren't watching for the markers (metal posts with symbols) or miss a turn.
Be forewarned that hunting is allowed in this conservation area. Check the MDC website for dates before you go or wear bright colors.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

If I could give this a zero rating I would. This was by far the worst hiking experience I have had EVER. And I am a very avid hiker. the markers were not clear that there were two trails on the dogwood trail once u past the dogwood sign. I viewed the map info prior and it showed 2 - the dogwood and the handicap accessible trail. I assumed I could go right or left on the dogwood trail and it would loop around as shown on the map...apparently if you go left it's a much different trail...but there was absolutely nothing there to identify this. I ended up on a 5.0 mile hike with my dog that is older and can only do less than 2.5 miles. This was a horrible experience as I got lost on the multiple split offs on the trail and then when I pulled up my gps I was not even on the dogwood trail, I was on a trail...but not even close to the dogwood trail. I spent 2 hours trying to find my way out using the gps on my phone ( thankfully ) with my dog that began limping around 3.5 miles. This was a horrible experience and I was very disappointed in this trail. I highly recommend rockwood reservations -- or castle wood over this hell experience. I wish I had seen all of the warnings prior regarding the ticks also. My dog has THOUSANDS of tiny microscopic seed ticks ALL OVER HER legs, underbelly and feet and I have given her 4 baths in tick shampoo to try to get them off of her with NO Success. She also has revolution AND frontline applied and I still have ticks covering her. I will for sure have nightmares about this hiking experience and I will never use this trail again. This is ur warning. In the future I will be sure to read all the reviews and go with someone as this was a terrifying experience of being lost alone in the woods.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

This is a neat trail that is quite peaceful and very easy to hike. Long socks and pants are recommended because of the ticks my fiancee had to pull off of her. (I only pulled one off of me afterwards.) Gnats are a bit of a problem near the two watering holes you'll approach on the trail. There is a shortcut that reduces the mileage by half if you are looking for just a quick jaunt.

There's a section that is handicap accessible that this trail leads to near it's end. However, the bridge that connects that section to the rest of the handicap trail has been destroyed. As of our hike, it was still missing. Lots of horse waste near the beginning, so watch where you step!

I was there on Mothers Day. I guess from the flood, not many folks had been hiking the trail for awhile. It was really over grown. Not at all like I remembered it.

And the TICKS!!! Used bug spray and still picked 6 or 7 off my body when I got home. So disappointing....

Tick city!!! Don't know if the mild winter giving us no hard freeze, combined with the recent flooding ousting low-lying insects from their homes created the perfect tick storm, or what! All I know is that even with bug spray, we had ticks on our bodies and clothing. And my husband and I spent quite a bit of time picking literally HUNDREDS of lone star ticks off of our dogs! Really a bummer and I'm assuming it's typically not like this, since I didn't see much in the way of insect warnings in any other reviews. Thought I'd go ahead and mention it to spare anyone else thinking about venturing out on these trails the headache. Our dogs use the Bravecto chew tabs for flea and tick control. But the thing is, the ticks apparently have to ingest their blood first, then drop dead....sooo, yeah... that was a nightmare to deal with bringing , no joke, HUNDREDS of ticks home on the dogs. If you're thinking about hiking these trails, douse yourself in powerful big spray and really, really consider leaving Fido at home! Or maybe wait for winter.... the ticks were bad.

If you enjoy seeing horses & having a few steep climbs this is for you.
You will come to a stream that you can't cross however, if you go right & up the hill I sends you back to the parking lot by Kraus Farms & that makes a nice long loop.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Did the multi-use trails: Yellow, Red and Purple. Did not see anyone else the entire hike. Very hilly so got in a good amount of exercise. A little noisy by the highway but not bad. Make sure to take a trail map so you can make sure you know where you are at when you get to a trail intersection.

Friday, November 25, 2016

It's a nice hike. You're on the trail and then suddenly it just stops because there's not a bridge to go over the stream. It looks like there was a cement bridge there. We went back around and crossed a makeshift path that goes through the riverbed. There are not any signs to warn you about this. Depending on which way you start out, it's either at the very end (if you start at the dogwood trailhead) or very beginning.

I have seen reviews about the traffic noise. I personally didn't find it bothersome. You're safely next to the road for 0.05 miles basically. It's not all that big of a deal.

trail running
Saturday, September 10, 2016

Was ok. Wanted to run the 2.5 mile blue trail but didn't find that trail head. Portion I ran was mostly flat and gravel. Definitely geared more towards horses. I may study the map and try to make my way up onto the ridge and other trails next time.

horseback riding
Monday, June 13, 2016

Beautiful area.

The highway was very loud and there must be a shooting range near. Very pretty.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This is one of my favorite hiking spots for a peaceful hike. The drone of the highway is louder if you take the ridge further into the area, especially in the winter, but in the warmer months the lush forest blocks a lot of the noise. For large portions of the hike I can't hear it at all. The wildflowers are beautiful here in the spring and summer, and half of the time I don't see another person there. The flat, Meadow-like areas aren't challenging but feel like I've been transported much further out of the city. Very tranquil and relaxing.

i liked the trail much more than i was expecting...plenty of wildlife and it was not crowded. i am definitely going back. there was traffic noise but it wasn't very annoying.

Many trails criss cross the area and are more or less well marked.

The area is multi use, however, horse riders either don't care or are unfamiliar with the concept of trail erosion. Most of these trails are impassable mucks with dry stretches in between.

Overall a pretty walk with road noise toward the north.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Great. The traffic noise on the ridge was loud but behind the ridge is was perfect.

Very nice!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nice trail located in the Fenton/Eureka area. Good hills and wide trails make for a challenged but peaceful hike. North side of the trail gets a lot of Interstate 44 noise, but rest of trail is peaceful. Since it is open to horseback riders there is horse manure on parts of the trail.

nature trips
Monday, September 03, 2012

We love Forest 44. Very good for all levels of equistrian riders. There are some who need to freshen up on trail etiquette though. :) Love the park!!!

Friday, July 06, 2012

I enjoy this trail. I only do the hiking only portion and not the equestrian trail. The hiking trail is around 3 miles for the longer loop. The first portion is a along and open grass prairie and the second half is a nice hike through the woods. Be sure to check out the losing stream near the beginning.

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