While enjoying a day at Finger Lakes State Park, visitors may hear more than just the sounds of nature. The steady humming and ever-changing pitch of off-road motor vehicles may linger in the background, as off-road riding is the most popular activity at the park. Once the site of a coal strip-mining operation, the man-made landscape of Finger Lakes State Park has been transformed into a recreational area providing a variety of amusement options. The more than 70 miles of off-road motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle trails and motocross track attract people from around the country. A one-and-a-half mile-long corridor of water, ideal for canoeing, fishing, swimming and scuba diving, features a large sand swimming beach. A pleasant, wooded area in the center of the park has been preserved for picnicking, and provides welcome shaded relief from the summer sun. A shaded camping area, featuring basic and electric campsites, modern restrooms and showers, is available for those wishing to add another day of play to their schedule. Whether in the market for a slow-paced day of relaxation or a fast-paced day of adventure, Finger Lakes State Park can satisfy your craving.

I would say that the park is great if you want to ATV, kayak, mountain bike, or shoot. But for hiking, it's all right but not special. It's not difficult, it's a short loop through pretty woods, but as others have said you hear the cars and ATVs the entire time.

2 months ago

Finger Lakes is most well known as a ATV park which means it not that peaceful of a park as you will hear ATV and dirt bikes running at almost all times during the day. The park has a really cool lake to Kayak or Canoe complete with a water trail which I enjoyed. I also completed the "mountain bike" trail which is quite short and in portions quite flat and should not be rated as difficult. There was a very nice but small waterfall. If I return, it would only be to kayak the lake again.

this place is great!! its very well maintained marked very good , not many people and its very pretty!

great trail well marked. a great time. even seen a otter in the creek.

Challenging and great pump track to dink around on.

Nice trail and well marked. The loop took me an hour and 10 min. Good hike through the woods, my only complaint would be that I heard car noises from the high way. I prefer quiet when hiking, but overall very nice trail!

Very nice trail through woods. Has some good hills and spots through creeks. Has some over looks spots and is marked good. It's worth the stop.

1 year ago

Pretty good. Narrow walking trail through woods, Hills some creeks. Marked well. 2.75 miles loop.

4 years ago

mountain biking
4 years ago

ATV trails: Following rain a week ago, atv trails are 90% rideable. Ruts are filled with water, but after a weekend of activity trails should approach 100% rideable this week.

mountain biking
4 years ago

For mtn. biking Finger Lakes SP now has a short bike/hike trail. Trail is technical with steep climbs, very narrow path, a 90 degree tuirn/other tight turns and one rocky creek crossing (another not rocky). It is ridable much of the year because it drys quickly--the rest of Finger Lakes should be avoided unless it has been relatively dry (late summer/fall is best). The 'soil,' when wet, will stick to tires.

mountain biking
5 years ago

This is a state park with lots of options for the family. I found some trails that seemed more like ATV trails but we rode our mountain bikes on them. There were more trails than we had time to explore. We also visited the public firing range which was a great shooting facility.