16 hours ago

Easy trail with some hills - some areas in shade but a lot of areas in full sun as well - great for families with small kids

This was a decent bit of exercise. Half the trail is paved and in full sunlight and half is in more wooded, with gravel paths.

There was also an equestrian event and tons of golf carts shuttling people up and down the trail.

I doubt I would do this trail again since there are many better, local options.

Great trail for everyone. A lot of wildlife. Stay on the main 4 mile trail for an easy hike or take one of the alternate trails for a steeper hike. I enjoyed the whole experience. Highly recommend.

Depending on the pedestrian traffic, this is usually a great trail. Has a few hills, enough to make it interesting, but not so many that the hike is hard. Mainly pretty easy with a few moderately hard inclines.

Enjoyed this gravel trail. It's not a "onto the woods" trail but there are some beautiful scenery and tucked away places. Look over the map as there are quite a few trails.

2 months ago

not so much a hike as a walk- paved or gravel throughout. still gorgeous and well worth it

3 months ago

4 months ago

This was an easy hike - great for beginners or joggers