easy to moderate trail. beautiful but poorly marked. from parking lot head towards tennis courts and follow disc golf, trail starts there. There are 3 trails that I saw, Northside, woodland, and Notle. Notle ends in the back of a building of somesort. Wear tennis shoes, had some education points for the kiddos. Overall a good trail just needs better markings.

Cute little trail. Don't expect any breathtaking views from this one but it's perfect if you're trying to get away from concrete for an hour or so. Lots of animal scat and tracks. Trail heads are on the edge of Dunegant Park. Kind of difficult to find, but one is right behind the playground and the other is right next to a disc golf hole that's set back into the woods. Trail intersects with itself several times so it's easy to find yourself walking in circles but if you backtrack you can pick your way back up again. My dog and I will definitely be frequenting this trail though since it's walking distance from our place.

8 months ago

The trail is clean and I would say easy. The Little Creek Nature area is worth a trip with little ones. One part of the trail is missing a post mark that caused us to lose our way but it was an easy backtrack and I notified the office to address.

a great little trail. I walked it but will use it as a running trail. saw a beautiful deer too!

Horrible directions. Couldn't even find it. Not very happy at all.

first of all the directions did not lead me to the right place but i saw the park area on the map so i found it at dungenant park. anyway i really enjoyed this trail. several paths & loops & bridges. i almost didn't go because of bad review but my wife and i really enjoyed it & will probably go back

1 year ago

Kind of dirty. The creek did not look like the picture when we went. More like a runoff ditch. We kept the dogs out of it. It's 5 minutes from my house but we'll go other places.