Lots of up-down-up-down-up-down in the beginning, two nice boulders I monkeyed around on, some pretty glades, an old cemetery, streams, and well marked all through. We picked up the CA map on the way in and there were variances between this map and theirs. The CA map shows springs near the trail and we enjoyed the detours for that. There are more trails around than this app denotes and the recording I made doesn't follow the All Trails trail but the distance is close and it's hard to get lost with all the options. Also noteworthy, is that the app crashed on me multiple times, which is unusual.

The section of trail that starts at the end of Bock Road and is the northeast area of the land then circles around to the middle parking lot (the trail I recorded) is my favorite part of the whole trail system. Shady and cool, it reminds me of a little roller coaster ride as the terrain is up/down, up/down, up/down, up/down. The hills are steep but short. It was easier for me to hike this than a trail with a long gradual climb. There is a lot of rock in this part of the trail, both on the trail tread and all around in the forest. If you're riding a horse, you will want your horses shod or booted. If you haven't been on this section before, check it out as it's a lot of fun.

This is an enjoyable trail that's not too hard, but has enough different things to see to be interesting. It's mostly forest, but there are a couple fields and an open ridge top. There are 3 springs and a spring fed creek to cool off in on hot days. There's a spring house and an old cemetery to explore. There are a couple long steep climbs and one section that reminds me of a mini roller coaster.