13 days ago

pretty Cool even if your not in shape,

Favorite go to when we want something close. Access to creek and great views of the Ozark Mountains. Some rocky terrain, but manageable.

Nothing basically except a boring hike through a dried up creek bed most of the year. Maybe when there's water... but most of the time nada. AND, the trails not well kept... tons TONS of horse crap everywhere, which combined with the dry creek bed, leads to not so pleasant smell, lots of flies, and having to watch where you step all along the trail.

Better after a rain or in the spring when there's water in the creek.

I hiked this and part of the red trail. At the beginning you come across a small, pretty graveyard. There is a little bench to sit near the graveyard as well.

I've just started hiking, and this is one of the first trails I started with, and it's a pretty good trail.

lots of pretty places to explore. Usually pretty busy and not really a lot of opportunity for solitude.

I followed the yellow trail and it had some of the most beautiful scenery. There is a creek to cross but the water feels good, especially on a hot day.

Nice trails !

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