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It was great weather for a hike on the red trail but it wasn't marked very clearly. We ended up almost walking the entire trail twice because we ended up turned around. I wish there were maps that were available. Warm enough to see some snakes and what little water that was in the creek was really clear! I'll definitely be back now that I know the way better.

Nice hike! There are three different options on the east side of the trail, are Silver and Yellow. Red was just the right length for a few hour hike and not very difficult! Very beautiful! Can’t wait to try the Yellow trail and maybe even come back to camp!

great trail however it needs to be marked clearer. we got to a point that wasn't marked and didn't know which way to go. we picked wrong and ended up where we started but that just meant more miles bc we ended up at 4.5 miles! will definitely come back!

Great easy loop. Must cross the river near the end.

one of my favorite places close to Nixa. Dogs love to splash in the creek after a short hike. I always go left at the bottom of the hill to the trails on that end, as to avoid hiking close to the gun range because my dogs get spooked..

My husband and I walked this trail and loved it! Its definitely a good workout! We recommend good hiking shoes due to all the rocks. We have Altra Lone Peak 3.0 and didn't feel any sharp rocks. Trekking poles highly recommended also to help with the steep declines and inclines. I used the All Trails Pro app (as suggested by other reviews) and found it to be very handy. We met several other hikers and horse back riders along the way. The horse poop and spider webs weren't a problem as mentioned in some other reviews. We will definitely be coming back!!

2 months ago

Great local trail somewhat downgraded for consistency in marking the trail

3 months ago

Love this trail, my daughter and I hike it often.

Great place to hike and have kids and dogs swim in the crystal clear water.

Trail was great for hiking giving nice views from the ridge line. Gave some good elevation change if you’re wanting to push yourself. The shooting range, located at the entrance to the trailhead, was a bit jarring and not so serene. Since it was a loop, we knew we were almost done with the trail when we heard the sounds of war.

hiked this trail for the first time several weeks ago, loved it, it was a great trail to use to get back into hiking, not really sure which paths we ended up doing but put in almost 6 miles

5 months ago

My friend and I walked this trail today (5-19-18) it was amazing, a lot of beautiful landscapes and the river was nice and cold. We toke the yellow and silver trail it definitely kicked our butt, we realized that maybe we need to get in better shape, lots of steep hills and lose rocks. It’s all worth it when you get to the very top and get to see the “mountain” also had to cross the river a couple of times, which we toke or shoes off and it was super slippery nd fell on our butts lol I loveeddd this trail! We made lots of memories and it was an amazing adventure!!!

Took my 7 and 5 year old on this trail and had no issues, they both were able to navigate well enough. While the map of the red trail shows a loop that enters and exits at two different spots at the park entrance, there is also an extended portion of the red trail that goes further into the park. The various branches of the red trail are not well marked, so we found ourselves doing the extended portion and we weren’t aware of it. I suggest using gps to identify where to go to stay on the shorter/easier route. Fun trail, well maintained, easy to identify. We will definitely be back.

5 months ago

Fun hike! Some difficult sections with some steep incline/declines so a great workout. Lots of loose rocks so be cautious on the ups and downs. We only encountered a couple others on the trail but we did this on a late Sunday afternoon.

Great hike and great workout! Beautiful scenery and water throughout after decent rains. May even have to cross some knee deep water if the water is up which we did and it was refreshing!!! Can be a little crowded and beware of horse poop!

We love to take our pups out here and let them play in the creeks! It’s never been too crowded, moderately easy trail!

What we saw was nice but only had about 30 minutes. Found an old cemetery at the top of a hill. Pretty spring flowers, butterflies and the first bumblebee of the season.

nice place.

Had a wonderful hike today on the Red Trail. The recent rains made the creeks impassable, unless you’re very adventurous, but there were plenty of trails to hike.

Going during the week in early springtime was great, as we only met three other groups of hikers. Taking yellow trail meant one low-water crossing of creek but a deeper spot coming back across. There was also a pretty steep incline at the mid-way point, like other hikers here have mentioned. This trail includes a great combination of wooded areas and fields that make for some beautiful scenery along the way.

If you go after a good rain there is a lovely cascading waterfall about 2 blocks before you reach the river.

trail running
6 months ago

So so fun! Several creek crossings that I wouldn’t recommend for small dogs or children if there’s been a lot of rain but the views were amazing. So many pretty waterfalls

Great spring hike!

Great trail but it's definitely moderate to difficult in many areas, so be ready and in shape. Really pretty with a lot of photo opportunities. Trails are well worn and easy to follow, but if you are not familiar with Busiek I suggest bring a GPS. If you get lost on the trails near dark, plan on staying the night or fire/rescue can come and lead you out. :) Also, there is wildlife in the woods, so be "Bear Aware." Being raised in this area, I've spent thousands of hours in these woods and know the area extremely well. Overall, a great place to hike/camp.

A great trail for the family

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7 months ago

I ran this for the first time. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Difficult hills and rocks added to the beauty. The water crossing were not. A problem either. When you start running it’ll take just a minute to warm up. All the negative reviews are for people with no imagination and find little discomforts like rocks and flowing water to ruin their time.
One of the most vivid memories of my run was a particular oak tree that stood out amongst many other trees. I can’t wait to run the whole trail system when it’s all green.

Nice little workout. Took us a total of 3 hours. You do have to cross the creek a couple times but we took our shoes off and just walked across.

trail running
7 months ago

The day I went here the place was filled with oblivious parents who didn’t seem to mind their children throwing rocks in all directions. The trails are often cut off by creeks, and I wasn’t willing to go through knee deep water to keep going forward. Hoped for a 5 mile run but after dodging rocks, water crossings, and too many smokers, I left after only getting 2 miles. To top it all off, I got back to my car only to find out someone had stolen the magnet off my car. The area is pretty but the people I came across that day ruined it.

Very enjoyable trails. Did part of the yellow trail (turned back at the crossing due to the water) and finished on the red trail. Very active park with lots of hikers and horseback riders. The trails are all fairly well marked, but there are some serious inclines, even on the easy trails. The noise from the gun range wasn’t too bad, and helped with orientation. Definitely worth the time.

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