This could've been a decent trail, but it's over grown and not well marked the end. Luckily We had our gps, We almost got lost. Also there is a ton of spiders and when we were leaving we
noticed a bunch of little tiny bugs crawling all over us. I think we got them off after scrubbing ourselves till I think we got them all. Just a little bit traumatized. I would not recommend this trail!

Mountain of trash dumped right at the foot of the overgrown trail

3 months ago

The maintenance of this trail is very poor. Over grown weeds and grass, at the top of the hill the trail disappears altogether.

It is a pretty Trail fairly easy would have liked to be a bit longer

Not maintained

7 months ago

A winding, quiet trail with a few pleasant vistas and many mountain-bike trail off-shoots for additional exploring. Main trail is fairly well marked with red tree markers until you reach the end on top of the bluff, where you have to go down the bluff a bit to find the exit trail. Trail also hosts a memorial to a deceased boy scout.
Happy to share some good news - most of the debris near the trailhead has been picked up! Although as someone else noted, trail itself is pretty much spotless.

8 months ago

Sure, people suck and dump their trash along this road but I'm not hiking the road! The trail is one of Kansas City's best kept secrets and I never crossed one person on the trail. You really feel submerged in wilderness and at times it's hard to stay on the trail but I kinda like that. I had a great time exploring and seeing the areas largest rocky glades, savannahs & views! Definitely on my top 5 in KCMO!

9 months ago

10 months ago

nice little area except for where all the lowlifes have dumped their trash up and down the road

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday, October 09, 2016

As the other reviews said, the trail is not as well maintained as others in the area but it made for a fun adventure. The trail head is hard to find and littered with human things - garden hose, tires, trash - so the first impression isn't great. This is the second time I have hiked this trail, it appeared to be marked better this time than last. There is a fallen tree across the trail that nearly had me crawling to get under it. But the scenic terrain and the wild turkey we came across made it all worth the while.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The trail is not as well maintained as it used to be, and the entrances, especially easternmost, are wrought with human detritus: tires, garbage bags, etc. It's a nice short hike with great limestone outcropping to explore.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The area is nice but there are many places the trail is overgrown, I also had trouble finding the trail many times because it's not clearly marked a lot of places. I ended up making this into a 6 mile loop by exploring what looked like ATV trails in the area. I enjoyed all the rock outcroppings, this would be a good place to explore in the winter.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

When we tried to find this trail we understood it would be difficult. We tried the location given by this app and it led us into an apartment complex to a dead end, see picture. We tried an address someone put for a group meetup and it took us to a golf course but we never saw the trail head. Does anyone have actual coordinates of the trail head, please?