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In the mid-19th century, settlers found Bennett Spring to be an ideal spot for grist and flour mills. Today, most people come to Bennett Spring State Park to struggle with the rainbow trout, or just to marvel at the 100,000,000 gallons of clear, cool water that gush from the spring each day. The spring valley - once a popular camping ground for farmers waiting for their grain to be ground at the mill - still attracts visitors interested in camping, hiking and canoeing. A Bennett Spring "hike" can be a leisurely stroll along the tree-shaded spring branch, or an invigorating seven miles to tour an interesting natural tunnel. Those looking for less rugged pleasures will enjoy the rental housekeeping cabins, the public swimming pool and the park's rustic dining lodge. Fishing enthusiasts will be found casting their lines along the spring branch, while others visit the exhibits interpreting Missouri's springs and natural environment at the nature center. Now, at 3,216 acres, the state park that arose around Peter Bennett's spring continues to delight all comers.

This is an amazing area, the trail was easy to find and well marked. This is a great way to spend time with family ✌️

beautiful, moderately difficult at times, but quite public. would be great for family outings. overall A.

Would love to review this trail thoroughly but I cant. After driving all day and being told through alltrails this trail had overnight camping I arrived to find it was a sun up to sun down trail. The only camping available was on a mass campground. Needless to say I packed up and went home.
Loud, extremely busy and difficult to find.

The Tunnel was well worth The Hike....Ready to do it again!!!

1 month ago

This is the second time we hiked this trail, the tunnel is well worth it! the trail is marked very well although the distances were a bit goofy....We took the east trail there and the west trail back.

The point on the map is no good, no place to park safely, no marked trail, no signs. Private property all around.

2 months ago

Nice little walk along the water. Great to observe the fish and fisherman. Also a great warm up for the natural tunnel trail also located at the park.

Very well maintained and marked trail. Map was not needed but I still stopped at the visitor center to get one. I did not find the trail to have much in elevation, nonetheless a great day outing. The natural tunnel is well worth the journey.

Nice area with trout fishing b4 you get to trail area. Trail us nice.

Fun trip out to the natural bridge. Instead of the out and back, we took the west trail and it was poorly marked. We ended up on a service road with no recollection of ever passing an option to turn or did not see any blue blazers. Trail wasn't worth the added mileage. Would just do the out and back if we do it again.

5 months ago

Sign said 1 mile long, but we only made it to the other sign that said .4 miles. Couldn't see anywhere where this trail was extended any farther. Pretty simple and flat.

We went in on the natural cave trail and tried to complete the loop instead of going down and back. We wound up on a service road and I still don't know how that happened. Luckily the service road ran back into the west trail and we were able to finish the loop. Next time we'll be going down and back since there really wasn't much to see on that leg of the loop.

Beautiful, well marked, take a flashlight. Lots of picture opportunities. Not so hard that you can't have a great conversation about everything and nothing.

5 months ago

Nice trail that follows along the river offering an amazing view of the action down below. Cool little trail