started at the highway A, ozark trail, ottery creek trailhead (there is a second entrance that follows yellow trail tape). I decided to go counter clockwise, which I think actually made this an easier hike. in total it took me 4.5 hours (23M, in good shape), including time to eat lunch ams about 20min of bird watching. I used about 1.5 liters of water, using my filter to refill at the creek that you cross (for is new and I wanted I play with my new toy haha).

I will say I expected a little more of a break in the tree line for something labeled as a mountain (probably cause I'm from the northeast and hike out there a lot). but I was very happy with my first ever hike in Missouri! trees weren't green yet but a good portion of the trail was lined with gorgeous quilts flowers and I had strong birds singing the whole hike!