We love this trail. It has a great view and benches if you get tired. There is a tough incline on the second half. Yoy also have the option to go 8 miles if you prefer

A little flat and not very challenging but a nice trail. I recommend using this map though...it can get confusing but I am directional challenged. I liked that it was pretty secluded when we went.

I've ran the main loop (around 7 miles) that goes around the park, as well as a number of the side roads and short trails that criss-cross the park. A good park for hunters and for fishing.

I found the trail very boring as it is more of walking on roads rather than hiking a trail thru the woods. Glad I went so now I know what it is. Next time I'll bring my gun @ go to the range instead of walking the gravel roads.

great trail for a 7 mile run, bike, or walk. good view