Many markers are gone so good thing we had this app. It is just a flat loop (two loops actually) and the ammo bunkers are what you look at. 12/3/2017 you can even get in two of them.

Easy trail - nothing spectacular except all of the old ammo bunkers along the trail

We figured since this was rated as moderate it would be a little harder than it was. It’s mainly flat with a small hill here and there. I think a better rating for it would be easy. It’s not paved but it’s also not strenuous in any way.

Based on the map in AllTrails, the first loop is the trail and the other is more of service roads through the woods. Flat, wide, and peaceful, not a bad hike. Love the old bunkers you see on the trail.

Good hike to break in the new hiking shoes. The trail is mostly flat with a couple of hills that goes in out of the shade of the trees.

Not a bad hike. Would have preferred a little more of a challenge, but overall very nice!

Wonderful trail filled with local history and nature

Pretty easy trail to walk, little to no elevation gains. Trail was wet in a few spots but surprisingly clear considering the amount of rain we got last week; nothing like Castlewood or Clark Trail.

The trails are not well marked. Some sections the vegetation have covered the trail markers and in others they're missing altogether, but using the map on this app made navigating it pretty easy.

All along the trail (and throughout the conservation area) you will see many bunkers. Great places for photo ops, but many/all are locked and inaccessible. A vast majority of the trail is shaded, so that's nice on hot days like today.