Great mill and beautiful spring

Perfect setting for just about anything! Love this place and visit a few times a year

Beautiful blue water natural running spring around 81,000,000 gallons per day flows out of that spring. There's an old red Mill which was built in 1893

We really enjoyed our trip. Fairly easy hike. It had some switchbacks at the beginning that were a little tough being out of shape. There are copperheads so be careful and stay on the trail. I would hike there again.

Very scenic!

Easy short hike near floating, camping and other outdoor activities. Great way to spend a couple of hours.

Very easy trail, Awesome overlook. 0.3 miles of this trail is right next to the river, very pretty.

This hike is better billed as an interpretive nature walk than as a hike. My first disappointment was it was a gravel trail, which always disappoints. The trail should be hiked clockwise as the interpretive markers are best viewed from that direction. It has a nice little waterfall midway on the hike, but even that is mitigated because of the boardwalk overlook. Not to be to negative. OK to do in the area, but many more better hiking options in the area.

Just did a return trip. Still just as great as the first time. The mill is extremely scenic. Great views from the overlook trail. The whole surrounding area is full of recreational opportunities, canoeing, hiking galore.

Really pretty location! Planning another trip to the area to check out more springs and nearby trails!

3 years ago

Hiked this in February. Very easy hike with a variety of habitat types. Pleasant but not spectacular. Used a 2001 trail guide borrowed from a friend. No trail maps at trail head. Sorry that 2 of my posted photos are sideways: they displayed in the correct orientation while uploading, but when they finished uploading they were rotated. You can see them right side up on my blog:

Alley springs is a great place to visit. Very scenic, interesting history, nice little hike, much to do in the area. you can spend a week in the area.