Loblolly pines and stately magnolia trees, rolling hills, spectacular seasonal flowers, and a year-round mild climate await visitors to Percy Quin State Park. One of the original state parks cleared and constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, Percy Quin is today a delightful blend of the old and new. Located just one and a half hours from New Orleans, 1700 acre Percy Quin State Park provides a colorful natural backdrop for a variety of outdoor activities.

had a great time with 5 kids. start to finish was 5.6 miles trail is open all the way around the lake

I was disappointed at the up keep of the nature trail. After only a little over a mile the bridge was out and I had to turn back around. I anticipated at least four miles in before turning around. I posted pictures from the trail hopefully it will get some love and care.

Percy Quin has rapidly become my favorite place to hike! I usually start at the Golf Course parking lot and walk along the road to the northern trailhead, all the way around the lake and back to the golf course, which stretches the Nature Trail to a 10-mile hike. There is a ton of opportunity to see a huge variety of plants, animals, and animal sign. Percy Quin is an absolute gem!

trail running
10 months ago

The trail was in bad repair, but beautiful.

Just ok, trails need work to reach their old glory.

Our first hike. Very fun, however the grounds were very wet so there was a bunch of mud. Beautiful scenery and trees. We even saw 2 small snakes. Dam is out so trail is one way in one way out. We turned back early because we didn't have proper shoes on to go through ankle deep water. All in all, very fun. We will be back soon!!

We did this trail 11/15 and it was an okay trail except for one big thing: ALL OF THE BRIDGES ARE OUT. They are all in disrepair or just washed away. do not go with children or on a cold day. you will get wet. Also the road ways have been changed and cut off so don't plan on a drop off and pick up. other than that its cool, but very wet

We went hiking and camping here a few years ago. Enjoyed the hikes, the lake, and the campgrounds!