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Great trail, but you'll need some notes.

First, it is not private property! There is a private Ranch of the same name that abuts it and frequents the trail, but the trail itself is a part of the National Forest.

Here's a map: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5213327.pdf

The main trail is blazed by white diamonds. It is not the best blazing. There is also a red diamond trail that shortcuts around, I've never followed it purposefully.

For the purpose of notes, I assume hikers head south from the trailhead to start, not east.

Note 1: Look where the trail meets up with Forest Road 156A. Past that, when the trail reenters the forest, is a creek crossing. A downed tree as of a few weeks ago blocked this path. I had to walk across a downed tree to get over the brush. I did this with a pack, it shouldn't be too bad but it isn't "normal" trailing either.

Note 2: Just past that crossing from note 1, the trail splits. Taking a left, the way the white diamond sign (a little brown fiberglass "stick plank" thing about 4ft high) says to go will shortcut an unlisted trail on the map along the creek back to the beginning. This is what happened to whoever mapped this trail on here; you can see the backtrack trail. Ignore this and continue south/east to meet up with Forest Road 156 D that heads north.

Note 3: the trail splits off 156D into the woods to join up with 156D6. I attempted this "woods party" years ago but it was a brutal trek through briars I only got through with a heavy Carhart coat, work gloves, and a Kabar knife. Eventually a downed tree / brush made it impassable and I had to hike back. Check this out at your own risk, otherwise stick to 156 D until the last western leg.

Note 4: That "last western leg" is a bit easy to miss and walk past onto 156D10. If you see a big metal structure...thing...you went too far, turn around.

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Probably one of Mississippi's best hidden gems. This trail is extremely well maintained and you wander through beautiful forests and see a lot of great spots to hang out in the water. Trail is a bit rough for those just beginning so I would suggest being moderately fit if you plan to hike the entire length. Start early so you won't be hiking through the night like I did, unless you're like me and enjoy a good moonlight hike.

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good walking trail very clean and maintain

horseback riding
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We made a trip to hike the Clear Springs trails but a few signs said the trails were closed. We ended up hiking the Lake trail, only about a mile long. It's a nice little walk around the lake. After we hiked the lake trail we chose to deviate from the trails, since the area is small enough and getting lost would be hard to do, so we followed "Richardson Creek" for about half a mile. That made the trip a lot more interesting to us.
Our experience was ok, it would have been a lot nicer if the owner of a large Boxer would have kept his dog on a leash. While on the Lake trail his large dog charged us from behind with the intent to attack, had I not turned around sooner it would have been an awful day.
Note to fellow hikers, if this dog would have been a few feet closer it would have been a deadly day for the dog. In the woods I don't play around with a strange(rs) dog, I will defend myself with deadly force.

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Nice easy hike. Wanted to do more of the trail but it wasn't clear where "more of the trail" was. I guess that could be our fault for not researching before going. No biggie, still lots of fun.

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We did the Mill Creek Trail. There was a sign that said all trails were closed until further notice but it was in a really strange place so we weren't sure about that.

The trail (at least Mill Creek) is little more than a game trail at this point, but it's not hard to follow. I would wait until the fall when some of the brush starts dying and it's cool enough for pants. It's really overgrown; the briars were relentless.

Bugs weren't an issue with some spray. We also ended up within 20 feet of a deer.

There are some small streams. I filled a bottle from one and it was fine, but drink at your own risk.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Overall a good trail. But a few things...

The Clear Springs Trail is more of a trail system, currently only consisting of 3 trails (the 4th is currently closed). This was confusing for me initially.

The trails are well marked. I think some of the comments on here regarding them not being well marked may be due to the confusion of the multiple trails. The trails are for the most part well maintained and clear. However, I will say that certain sections were overgrown. All bridges intact. Plenty of water sources. I wore plenty of mosquito spray and still got destroyed by bugs, mostly chiggers. Fair amount of wildlife- box turtle, 2 water moccasins, and multiple cool insects, including a millipede. Only saw 2 mountain bikers on the trail in the 2 days I was there. There is a usage fee that you pay using the honor system. I don't know why this trail is listed as "hard"...I'm not super experienced...did the 3 open trails and found it very easy. Not very steep hills at all (not expecting much from MS).

I probably wouldn't go back unless in the winter.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The trails are graveled for a lot of the way. Very steep hills. Hard to climb with the rocks rolling underneath your feet.

We deviated from the trails eventually and walked the creek bottom back to the car.

I personally will warn anyone off going here. I found it to be a miserable not well marked trail and will not be back. Ever.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Is the Clear Springs, Mississippi Recreation Area closed? I just looked at their website and there was a message saying that the recreation area is "closed until further notice due to plumbing issues". Anyone know if this is true? We are planning to tent camp there next week.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Beautiful, not very well marked. Camping was excellent

Sunday, April 24, 2016

We tried to hike, but the trails were unclear and it was full of bugs. It was gorgeous from the car. We drove along all of the dirt and unimproved roads, but anytime we got out of the car we were assaulted by bugs. Being from TX I am a bit biased, but it is a million times better not having the bugs.

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