Enjoyable and easy enough for younger kids.

Launched at the first launch and paddled down to Moody's to let some people off. Paddled a little over half way to Janice landing, and spent the night on a sandbar, camped overnight there, woke up the next morning and headed out. Over all a great experience and would be good for family and friends. Wasn't too technical and definitely makes for a great day trip or overnight trip.

Super fun ride today with my son and his pals. A little tough for one of the boys, but two of them pushed me around 11 miles of varied single track. I can't wait to one day do this course at a race pace.

1 month ago

Easy uninteresting trail. Okay walk for dogs.

1 month ago

Very well maintained trail. It was about 5.6 miles from 49 to the Airey Lake Campground, so just about 11 miles and change round trip. The campground at the lake is small and quiet. Will definitely have to come back to either hike thru and camp while on the way to the POW camp. Around mile 4 the bridge was out but was easily cross able via a near by downed tree.

Several trails here. Came today with my Mastiff. Next time I'll either run it or bike. Well kept trails with lots of turns and terrain changes.

Very well marked, cleared path. Not terribly scenic from where I started at Hwy 49, but I suspect the terrain improved further along. I was only able to go part of the way as my canine companion is elderly, but I found it enjoyable. Despite the recent rains, the path was dry, with some swampy areas on either side.

Nice little 2 day trip. Launched the canoes at Moody's Landing and finished at Cypress Creek Landing about 16 miles down. Camped about a mile north of Janice Landing on a great sandbar after seeing a deer cross the creek and climb the ledge up the opposite side. Water level was at roughly 5.5 feet, which kept us from having to do any walking or lifting the canoes over logs.

Great trial for me well marked and easy to follow there is a lot of nice views and streams u cross

2 months ago

Well marked, nice peaceful easy walk. be prepared to get your shoes wet. There was many low wet spots.

Hiked from Old Hwy 49 to Anderson Loop-Government rd. 319. It is a beautiful pine forest hike with few water shed ravines. I found it to be an easy hike. It had been cleared recently.

4 months ago

Nice smooth well maintained for the first 3, decent the rest of the way. Trail continues on past to some beautiful lowlands.