12 days ago

Good starting trail, we walked in 3 miles and returned. We plan on going the whole trip soon. We're trying to work up to bigger hikes.

27 days ago

This is a great easy hike. I do recommend turning back around at the third mile if you don’t walk or run for extended periods of time on a regular basis. There are a few bridges out, but nothing you can’t get past. Most of the trails are flat and easy to walk. We took our beagle and he loved it!

1 month ago

It’s ok no trail head no maps but ok

2 months ago

Good beginner trail for day hiking or an easy 2 day backpack hike. The Campground at Airey Lake has potable water, toilet and trash bins. POW Lake has trash bins but no other facilities, but lots of space. Airey Lake can get crowded on fair weather weekends so stake out a spot early!

2 months ago

I've hiked/ran this and the connecting trails a few times now. The first leg is 5.3 miles, leading to Lake Airey. There is a restroom there and a pump for clean, drinkable water. If you continue on to the other trails by following the white markers, the mile markers will keep counting up until you reach mile 12, shortly after which you'll make the split to go to Pow Lake (~12.5 mi) or Bethel Road (~13 mi). The trail is poorly kept from mile marker 11 to where the trail splits. Over all it's an easy hike- very flat and only a few streams so cross without a bridge of sorts. Lots of good views, need to watch out for the horse poop though. I definitely recommend stopping at Pow Lake. It's gorgeous.

2 months ago

Enjoyed the hike with the family out and back 12 miles.

Not a good trail AT ALL!! About 1 mile in bridge is out & no way around water so had to turn around.

Definitely not good for biking. Trails were boring and not well maintained. No inclines or excitement to it.

trail running
5 months ago

Beautiful trails HOWEVER during the run we almost stepped on 2 Cotton Mouth snakes and were relentlessly bit by flies. With that said bring bug spray and be very mindful. I won't be running this one again.

Good trail as long as it hasn't rained.

Rode with my 7 year old boy, he had his 20 inch BMX and I had my 26 inch Giant MTB. We both had a great time together, it was our first Trail, we really enjoyed it looking forward to coming back soon. the trail is well kept, clean and easy to ride. Great Trail for a beginner.

trail running
8 months ago

First time visiting this trail and it was right up my alley. The description is accurate. Trail is easy to follow and there are signs/markers every few miles or so to help guide you along the way. There is an outhouse/restroom facility (no running water) and a fire pit. The trail had a few wet spots but nothing you can't hop over.

Not a good trail. Do not go here after it rains, the trails will be completely washed out. Went out there a day after rain and made it about 300 feet before water was everywhere.

This trail was very poorly marked, the very beginning was ok, very flat & easy, but when you hit the road in, there is no visible trail, so it appeared to be a short 3/4 mile treck, if there was more to it, we didn't see it. should have been better marked & maintained. I really had high hope for this trail

fairly boring.

Very nice and good scenery. It is more like 10 to 11 miles around the entire trail.

Nice trails.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Great trails, well maintained!

Enjoyable and easy enough for younger kids.

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