The Clark Creek Natural Area in southwestern Mississippi is one of the Magnolia State's most beautiful outdoor treasures. Comprising more than 700 acres, it is highlighted by some 50 waterfalls, ranging in size 10 to more than 30 feet in height. Creation and protection of this fabulous area came about in 1978. Steeply sloping loess bluff hills host a mixed hardwood and pine forest dominated by beech and magnolias. Uncommon trees found in the area are Southern sugar maple, serviceberry, umbrella tree, pyramid magnolia, chinquapin oak, big leaf snowball, silverbell, and witch-hazel. Here, visitors discover a variety of colorful migrating and resident birds; invertebrates; poisonous snakes; a rare land snail; the Federally endangered Carolina magnolia vine; and the State endangered fish, the Southern red belly face. The forest tract provides excellent habitat for another threatened species in Mississippi - - the black bear.

Absolutely love this place. Took my nephews here for there first real hike. They had the best time walking the creek and getting dirty. Great day!

first time like it me and my family

I hiked this trail a couple days ago with my friend and I gota say the reviews on this trail were very inaccurate. The first part of this trail to the first 2 water falls is easy but wen you decide to keep going and make the entire loop you better be ready. We had to navigate a little bit to find some of the trail but none the less it was very fun and beautiful. If you think you can handle it definitely do the entire loop after the first few waterfalls cuz its worth it. If you do thou be sure to bring a light, map, and compass just in case you lose the trail. Watch for all the reflective markers!!

It was tougher than I imagined, definitely a good workout!!! Lots of up and down! BEWARE OF TICKS! A friend who recently came warned me so we got tick repellent and covered ourself and even reapplied and we still came home with ticks! Also good to have a printed map with you, thankfully we had one but there were a few times we thought the trail was different than where it was.

I thought this trail was a little more difficult than expected. Bring water and snacks. The sights were beautiful, but try to go during the week when it's not as crowded.


Very beautiful trail

amazing trail, great workout and amazing sights

great hike,third time there and first time to do the entire loop including the primitive trail. quite a workout but just what i needed.

3 months ago

It was such a pretty trail! One of my favorites by far!