10 sites with electric and water hookup, the rest are primitive but nice.

This is the 1st park I went to using this park. I didn't read that is was there and back (my fault) so we went further until we run into people who said we should turn around. We walked about 6 miles instead of 4, but it is ok. it wasn't real hard or steep. there are no signs (that's bad). the 1st mile is very easy and it is a beautiful area. This a great 1 to 2 hour walk on a pretty afternoon.

This is an easy either 2 or 4 mile loop from the boat ramp to the swimming area and back for a 2 mile loop or for a 4 mile loop by hiking to the east end of dam and back. The spring fed lake and surrounding forest provides a pristine setting with overlooks and some very scenic views. The trail winds around the lake and surrounding hills populated with some impressive white oak and shortleaf pine trees.