A great "get away" park only one hour from the Twin Cities, William O'Brien provides a beautiful setting for quality recreation along the banks of the St. Croix River. Hiking trails offer quiet exploration of the park's rolling, wooded hills. For anglers, the channels of the St. Croix have northerns, walleye, bass and trout. Ideal for canoeing, the river is also a migratory pathway that offers visitors an exciting diversity of sights and sounds. In the winter, snowshoeing, skiing and camping attract enthusiasts.

Several different types of sceneries. Really enjoyable.

Easy, Not crowded.

I walked the prairie and wet land trails which were beautiful and serene. I imagine that if you're a bird watcher this would be a great spot since there seem to so many.

I can't speak to the trails by the river but the prairie and wet land trails (which is the majority of the park) made for a nice few hours. The paths are marked and well kept for grass and dirt trails.

This used to be a favorite local hike but it's just overused and the lake and beach are closer to a flash mob. It's just too many thing to too many people. I would rather drive another hour to Wild River SP.