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Completed the bass lake loop with my 68yr old father. Took our time but loved the hike!

Pincushion Overlook is breathtaking.

Challenging hike, but the view from the top is worth it. Plan for a 5 hour window to do it justice. Pack lunch, water and a hammock. I would recommend good boots; the trail is very rugged.

We winter hiked this trail and loved the view of Lake Superior. Ice crampons are a must in winter months for safety.

13 days ago

Good trails for the views, pretty heavily travelled, maybe too much so for my tastes. Good overlooks and some steep dropoffs to get the adrenaline going. I wish it was longer!

Excellent trail with a variety of flora. Good vantage points throughout. We took the outer route which was just over 6 miles...just under 3 hours. Easy to follow but challenging enough to keep us interested. We plan on doing it again on our next trip to the north shore area!

Short steep hike. Worth it for the views at the top

Nice trail, with some cool areas around the river.

Loop hike along the Laurentian Divide, the east-west divide between Lake Superior and Hudson Bay. There is a maze of trails involving the Fitness Trail near the trailhead; follow the blue diamonds to get out of the Fitness Trail area and onto the "real" hiking trails. Trail goes mostly through forest with a few open rock outcrops. The national forest's literature mentions overlooks, but I never came to anything I would call an overlook, at least not during the summer. Watch out for rocks hiding among tall grass on the southern part of the loop: I sprained my ankle when I stepped on the side of such a rock.

So beautiful so see Minnesota's "Stonehenge". Blueberries EVERYWHERE!!!!! Trail is quite rugged - takes about an hour to get from road to rock.