Plan an extended visit to St. Croix. With over 34,000 acres and two great riversthe Saint Croix River, which is a National Scenic Riverway, and the Kettle River, a State Wild and Scenic Riverthere's so much to do. Explore the rivers by canoe or with a fishing pole. Swim at Lake Clayton or climb a fire tower. The park has miles of trails for hikers, horseback riders, bicyclists, snowmobilers, and cross-country skiers. Campers can reserve drive-in, walk-in, backpack, and horseback campsites. Large groups can reserve the modern group centers or the primitive group camps.

Kettle River side is a pretty, single file trail right on the river edge with benches every quarter mile while the St. Croix river side was wide and much less interesting due to its distance from the actual river. The point is well worth seeing but from the exploring we did, just hiking along the Kettle is definitely the way to go! The St. Croix side has a creek crossing and many wet patches, expect to get your feet wet in the spring.

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Be aware that there is a creek crossing on the St. Croix side, about a half mile north of the confluence.

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