Easy access, accessible to those in Rochester and Pine Island to take a easy, scenic bike ride in the early evening hours. Paved maintained trail.

I didn't think this trail was anything special. It's fine for biking, but you're not far from the roads and the noise of vehicles whizzing past...

mountain biking
3 years ago

This is a pretty good paved trail that connects Rochester to Pine Island (via Douglas). At the time of my Douglas Trail adventure they were replacing a small section of the trail that included a bridge. This forced me to take a minor detour around the bridge. Co Rd 3 NW was a short jaunt on the east side of the trail to connect back again. You can easily see this detour on a map. I'm not sure how long this trail construction will continue. There was wildlife that included a snapping turtle along the trail. Since this trail is a rails-to-trails addition, the grade was reasonable and the trail had a nice canopy cover nearly the entire way.

trail running
5 years ago

Easy, flat course with a bathroom stop in Douglas. It's a real nice break from sidewalks around town.