Enjoy this park on foot, any season of the year. In the spring, the park is a wildflower garden where hepatica, bloodroot, Dutchman's breeches, and the dwarf trout lily bloom. The dwarf trout lily is only found here. Relax by Hidden Falls in the summer. The autumn brings a burst of red, orange, and gold in the maple-basswood forest, one of the last extensive stands of the "Big Woods." When winter comes, ski or snowmobile the trails through picturesque woods.

Good trail - steps in parts so don’t bring a stroller (or anything else you wouldn’t want to carry at times)

Beautiful waterfall and nice trail.

Beautiful carpets of spring wildflowers

Great day hiking. Trails are icy. You need ice cleats.

Nice hike, the portion south of the road was pretty wet yesterday.

Very good park, very good trail. I love the waterfall after heavy rains. Fall is a great time to go here.

Great day hike, many small trails to make it as short or long as you want. After hiking most of the quiet park, my pup and I hiked up the stream from the falls a few miles and that was my favorite part. I went barefoot, but next time I will bring my Chacos - it was pretty rocky :)

This offers different hikes of varying length so you can choose your own adventure. Don't forget mosquito repellent!

Grew up in SE PA and l love closed-canopy deciduous forests. This is a lovely park and an easy but fun hike. Waterfall is lovely and you'll see lots of deer, forest birds, mature trees, and woodland plants.

Easy trail for hiking. Fully shaded and very relaxing.
Waterfall was quite pleasant.
Spotted 3 deers on the trail. Enjoyed!!

Fairly easy trail for hiking. Literally 100% tree covered, so if it's large trees and shaded canopy you're looking for, this is a good hike. Not much else to view other than the waterfall. Basically saw zero wildlife, but it was a hot day (92 degrees) so maybe they were laying low. About 8 miles

Awesome place to hike. Little muddy today because of recent rain. The Falls are beautiful and the ferns are everywhere. Beautiful park!!

Great trails, well marked. Love the waterfall.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Great trails to bring your K9's on. The scenery doesn't change much but it is pretty to be in those old trees. Summer and fall have much more to look at. I usually go here for a weekend hike when the dog parks are over crowded. Still see a lot of people but there is space to spread out on the trails. Nice wide paths.

Can be really muddy but other than that the family and I love it!!! Only 40min from Rochester

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Great hike any time of the year!

My family loved this place, the waterfall is the best part!

Beautiful and enjoyed the cooling down by the waterfall.

so gorgeous❤️

Great for a family outing!!

Great day hike. Wonderful tall Oaks with streams and a beautiful small waterfall.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Many trails to pick from. Cool nature walk close to home.

Completed this hike towards the end of May. I was impressed with the trail. It was well maintained and well marked. There were signs with a map of the trail placed at each intersection to keep hikers from straying from their desired path. There was a good deal of trail roped off near the waterfall (probably due to erosion from the swollen spring water levels?), and it took away from the overall beauty of the waterfall.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

before it gets too cold but cold enough to freeze the waterfall makes for a beautiful hike!

12 days ago

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