Trail is well maintained and even lit in most places. The Pros: the lock bridge is a must see. The rapids are gorgeous and the locks placed on the fence is sentimental. The Ruins are also a must see. The ruins are a bit off the beaten path shortly after the bridge but not difficult to find. The rest of the trail was just ok. Nothing super fancy or truly scenic. I'd recommend playing disc golf on the way. The course is gorgeous! Biking would be amazing.

I really like the trails here. They come out right to the river in various spots and which provide great views!

We love taking walks here. The trails are well maintained and easily accessible. There's parking on the falls side and on the old mill side, so the elderly or someone who would enjoy a short walk don't have far to go for a view. For the more adventurous, there are a lot of off road trails to explore. There are small cliffs to climb down to the river in various spots. If you climb down by the ruins, there is a little sandy shore for swimming or wading in shallow water.