trail running
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Rollerblading is great.

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on Lake Nokomis Trail

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I love this "trail" for my city walking. There is lots of green space and three or four big areas where native plants and wildflowers have been re-introduced to help with water quality. This makes these areas great for seeing butterflies, bees, and birds, and many different beautiful flowers in spring and late summer-early fall. It is a great place to watch the change of seasons. Trail can be busy on weekends and quiet during the week days. Biggest drawback is proximity to MSP Intl Airport.

Paved in concrete and/or asphalt. Two "trails" -- one walking and one cycling. The cycling trail is well maintained in the winter and becomes a de facto shaired trail when there is snow. Pleasent walk! It's about 2.75 mi around and takes me about 40 min (thought the trail guide says 1 - 1.5 hours! Who's pacing it anyway?! A mix of folks walking both ways! In the summer one part goes past the beach (on the north side of the lake). In January you can see the real hockey players on real hockey arenas on real ice! WOW! In the glide pat to MSP. so ther's a bit of air traffic to ignore. One portion crosses over the cedar avenue bridge, though there is an extension around teh west end of the lake which requires crossing Cedar Avenue twice. It's a great "stroll."