There is so much to do at Interstate State Park, located on the beautiful St. Croix River. Visitors can climb the cliffs of the St. Croix River Dalles, canoe the flat-water, watch kayakers rush through the rapids, or relax on an excursion boat. Spring brings a great diversity of wildflowers and in fall, the St. Croix River Valley forest is ablaze in the autumn colors of red, gold, and orange. The geology that formed this park intrigues visitors, and brings geologists from all over the world. At least 10 different lava flows are exposed in the park, along with two distinct glacial deposits, and traces of old streams valleys and faults. During the summer, hike the trails and explore the glacial potholes that make this park unique.

Beautiful views, but moderate difficulty at most.

I would rate this as low moderate.There are many steep drop offs and there has been deaths in this area from falls. I took my two eight year old's and my 3 year old on my own, as we often do Mom and kids camping trips. They all made the whole hike and had a blast. I did have to hold my 3 year old's hand when walking down the rocky parts, up some of the steep parts and along the steep drop offs but her loves to hike and did pretty well. I would not suggest bringing a child that you would need to carry. It is steep and slippery with roots in many areas. I would also avoid bringing young ones to the lookout or making sure your holding on to them tight. Even teens might get a little gutsy and take a tumble that could be deadly. Just take your time :) This might be ranked difficult here but compared to hiking in mountains I would rate this a low moderate or difficult beginner hike, primarily because of the rocky inclines and cliff areas.

3 months ago

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