Greenleaf Lake State Recreation Area (SRA) established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2004, is in the acquisition stage. The boundary includes 1230 acres of land situated approximately 10 miles from the towns of Litchfield and Hutchinson, and 60 miles from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. The request to develop the area as a state park was initiated by a core group of citizens that included a number of property owners who requested that their property be included in the statutory boundary. At present, the state does not own any land within the statutory boundary. Legislation in 2007 will result in the area being redesignated as a state recreation area when the DNR purchases the first parcel of land. Acquisition of land will depend on available funds and willing sellers. No development of this facility as a recreation area will take place until land is owned by the state and a Master plan is approved. When developed, recreational opportunities, could include: * hiking * cross-country skiing * picnicking * shore fishing * camping * hunting