Come to this north-country wilderness park where waterfalls cascade through a volcanic canyon surrounded by majestic forest. The trails in the park are carved through a forest of fir, cedar, spruce, and northern hardwoods. Although the trails are steep and challenging for hikers and backpackers, they offer spectacular views. Secluded campsites are for backpackers only. Trout (brown, rainbow, and brook) and splake (a hybrid of brook and lake trout) reside in Benson Lake. Watch for moose, deer, bear, and wolves.

They say the trails in Crosby-Manitou are rugged. Believe them. Trail is hard to follow in some places, overgrown, downed trees, steep ascents and descents. Well worth it.

Packed in and hiked about 100 miles from Two Harbors north, camping at the free campsites that are first come first serve. One guidebook said Gooseberry Falls State Park had food, don't believe it unless a chip/candy bar machine counts as food. Well marked trail, paralleling the Lake Superior shoreline roughly from Duluth to the Canadian border. Much of the trip you can hear traffic from the shoreline highway, but it's not too bad. The trail is quite vertical at times, best to get a guidebook at the SHT office in Two Harbors so you know the level of difficulty. Saw bear on the trail, and wolves are all around. Bring plenty of food, and water filtration, as finding food might take a couple days sometimes. You may see a moose, but more likely not to see one. This is a beautiful trail and pretty well maintained by volunteers. It cuts through private land, national and state forests, and something like 7 state parks. There are some nice parking lots at some entry points, and last I knew the SHTA office provides a small bus shuttle service Friday, Sat. and Sun... but be there on time... if you snooze you lose. Hitch hiking for me always worked, in my 50s I even did some 2 or 3 day trips up the shore with a thumb out, backpack and umbrella. People were pretty cool about moving you up and down the shoreline. Cell coverage can drop out so don't depend on that. Excellent, excellent scenary especially the small canyon like river and stream gorges where the water flows into Lake Superior.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Absolutely stunning scenery in fall! Recently completed as part of a 4 day backpacking journey. Can be challenging in parts due to rocks, roots, and climbs. Well marked and established though.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wonderful Fall weekend hike from George Crosby Manitou State Park to Caribou Falls with an overnight at a Superior Hiking Trail campsite.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Caribou Falls is one of my favorites. This is worth the trip! Great Hiking.