Blue Mounds State Park is full of natural surprises. Start with the Sioux quartzite cliff, rising 100 feet from the plains. A bison herd grazes on the prairie. Prickly pear cactus blooms in June and July. A sea of prairie grasses and flowers sway in the wind. The park is also a favorite for birdwatchers who want to see nesting blue grosbeaks and other birds. Enjoy camping and swimming.

6 months ago

Nice walk through a saved prairie among the farmlands and towns. Many wildlife to see including, birds, mice, snakes and bison. a shame I felt like there should of been more land saved for this beautiful prairie.

on Mound Trail Loop

4 years ago

Despite it being close to 100* when we hiked it, we had a great time here. There is a lot of wildlife here, especially birds. There is even a wild bison herd. Make sure to stop by the old quarry--great views!

6 years ago

Blue Mounds state park is primarily a prairie park with scattered timber. Many miles of trails for hiking, walking, or cycling. Buffalo herd at the park. Good variety of wildlife for viewing, birding. Fee campgrounds from tent to RV siites. Well worth the trip.

Got stuck in Sioux Falls during a snow storm and took advantage of the situation and bought some snow shoes. Went to Blue Mounds and hiked 8 miles on trails there. The snow averaged about 18" on the flat. Great bluff views, tall grass prairie, buffalo herd, and a lot of deer. Their is a nice full service fee campground at the park and well rounded number of differant activities at the park. Well worth the visit. A park that is predominantly prairie is anything but boring. A winter visit was great.