Nestled in the blufflands of southeastern Minnesota, Beaver Creek Valley State Park is known for its clear streams fed by the "Big Spring." Its streams are home to brown and native brook trout. In spring, wildflowers that blanket the woodland hills and valleys attract migratory songbirds like the rare Acadian flycatcher, Cerulean warbler, and Louisiana waterthrush. These birds nest in the park. A hiking trail meanders along the stream and up into a maple-basswood and oak forest. Campers are lulled to sleep by the murmuring stream.

Don't waste your time, trails pretty much suck. Pretty much no maintenance. Lots of washed away trail on the more interesting paths and those same paths are severely overgrown. I only gave this crap trail system a three because of the "big spring", though it's not big, it's beauty and the tranquil environment it offers IS its only saving grace.

Very nice state park. We camped in a cart in site, site C44, which was about 100yd. from parking and vault restrooms. Our site was very big, semi private, partial shade, and fairly open. We hiked Hole in the Rock trail and loved it. Lots of steep areas but beautiful bluff views. We also saw a couple of caves. Trail gets very narrow at points.

Beautiful hiking. And the ice cold creek afterwards make the feet feel SO GOOD!!

Can be difficult in some spots, and will leave you tired after finishing, but isn't that the point of hiking? Many beautiful spots to stop and rest at. Perfect place for a day hike. Keeps you on your toes and wanting to come back to hike again!

Quite a variety of trails. Take the creek side trails for an easy but beautiful walk. Other trails go bluff-top and afford some great views from rocky formations. Beware of Rattlesnakes on the trail to the NorthWest near the park entry.

This was recommended to us as an easy and safe trail system to take our children to (ages 9, 7 and 4). Apparently we took a different trail than the person who made the recommendation! The trail we took was quite steep (not a problem) but was also quite narrow with a lot of precipitous drops right along the trail.... always a bit tricky with a 4 year old! Beautiful views, though! We drove through the campground, but did not stay there. The creek water was icy cold.