Treat yourself to a visit to Banning State Park, just minutes off I-35 near Sandstone. In the spring, watch daring canoeists and kayakers shoot the turbulent rapids at Blueberry Slide, Mother's Delight, Dragon's Tooth and Hell's Gate. In the summer, hike along the Kettle River amid dramatic sandstone rock formations with lush lichens, liverworts and mosses. Visit Wolf Creek Falls, the Log Creek Arches and Robinson's Ice Cave. Stay at the new camper cabin (sleeps five people), which includes bunk beds, a table and benches. Take in the historic ruins of Banning Sandstone Quarry. The park is known for camping, picnicking, cross-country skiing, beautiful trails for hiking and the study of natural history.

You can only park in the picnic area so you will need to take the Quarry Loop trail to Deadman's trail and then to the Wolf Creek Falls Trail to get to the falls. It's a little over 4 miles in and out.

Great and beautiful well cared for. But. The only place you're allowed to park is in one area so you cannot pick up the trails at any location but one area making it pretty long on some of these trails it would be more convenient for hikers if they could pick up the trails in multiple places

Fairly easy terrain. Nice and quiet.

this is one of my favorites!!! lots of historic sites, not to mention if you go off trail just a bit there is GREAT easy rock climbing!!! I always feel like a kid again climbing around....

Monday, July 28, 2014

The trail is okay, the falls area is pretty cool. It's a super easy hike. Supposedly you can get to the lower hell's gate trail from here, but we couldn't find it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

This is an awesome trail! Make sure to grab a self-guided tour map. You can access hell's gate rapids from this trail as well which is a fantastic hike.