I could not find this trail. I looked for it both along Pasma Ave and Centre Ave. Is it still there? It's sounds like a nice area.

Beautiful. The floating walkway thru the bog was amazing.

Some very cool and rare species in this wetland bog area, wetlands and bogs are an endangered ecosystem themselves and because of this you can see some incredibly neat species of moss, pitcher plants and orchids (all of which are endangered but not going extinct). Very cool stuff!

On the wetland they have pitcher plants!! Pretty cool plant! Watch out for them! They're going extinct!

4 years ago

This is a nice trail but it's very short and there are houses around every corner in sight of the trail. This would be a great trail for kids because there is a playground and pavilion near the parking lot.

The portions of the trail that go over the water are a floating dock system, there is a sign that says "Potential For Wet Shoes", more like potential for wet everything, in spots the water sprays up at least five feet in the air.