3 days ago

Beautiful day, beautiful trail except for really high bike use. Counted 64 bikes per mileThat’s a lot of stepping off trail time, being on lookout for next high speed bike and overall unenjoyable experience

Just finished this hike (June 1) and loved it. The many hills were a bit challenging to these 71 yr old legs but I'm hoping that's only because it was my first "moderate" hike of the year. A really nice trail that's in great condition. Very diverse landscape. Wasn't bothered by bugs much at all. Hope to return in the Fall.

Fun. Several trees down and the trails were a little over grown and narrow. I was ponying a horse so that was a little difficult. Overall fun. Definitely can’t wait for the tree to be cleans up. Never got to finish a loop because of the down trees. If you aren’t comfortable with narrow trails I would recommend Ionia state park.

A great hike; one of the best sections of the Waterloo-Pickney trail that I’ve been on. Passes through rolling hills, dense forest, sandy meadows, and crosses a very pretty stream. Stop for lunch at Lake Genevieve; this is slightly off the main route, but is a very rewarding visit. Some serious hills right after crossing Waterloo Road, but this section is beautiful in late spring. Make sure to bring bug spray, and use caution crossing the roads

6.5 hike for us and we did not stray from path. Very relaxing- point to point trail attracts less foot traffic. Bring bug spray and lots of water.... So many great elevation changes and a pretty shaded trail.

9 days ago

A beautiful little nature walk, suited for just about any skill level. You transition from the standard oak-maple forest down to a wet maple-beech forest, with lots of ferns and some beautiful beech trees. Eventually, you will see some of a maple swamp full of ferns and lilies, and then eventually to a bog. The bog has some great plant life: expect to see larch, blueberry, pitcher plants, and more. I saw lady’s slipper orchids, which must grow in the acidic soil of bogs to keep their roots healthy. Do not be tempted to pick these rare flowers. Make sure to wear bug spray, or the mosquitos will devour you. Overall, a great little walk that will delight those with a love of ecology

Definitely gets your HR up! Great workout. Buggy and hilly but overall good time

18 days ago

Great trail to be on still open now road Construction about a mile and a half down from the Spot that has road closed so this trail in Chelsea Michigan is packed lots of bikers so if you’re hiking pay attention still a good time 2020 to hike cov19 get out of your house if you can Practice social distancing and be safe

mountain biking
19 days ago

Relaxed trail to warm up for the other trails there. I also bring my kids here to ride, much easier for their little legs than Kame or Winn. Trail direction changes depending on the day of the week, look for signs at trail entrance. I usually see at least one hiking group, so be mindful and share the trail.

27 days ago

It’s a bike trail first. Was ok as a hike.

Well maintained and the surrounding area was cool with the overlook, discovery center and nature play area. The trail itself lacked scenery and in parts ran parallel to a moderately busy road. I don’t feel a strong urge to hike this trail again, though.

1 month ago

Nice trail, well maintained. Heavy bike traffic, we were the only hikers on it.

Very good trail. Wish there was more water access but in all pretty challenging trail hiking or biking

Beautiful trail. Perfect for a Friday hike. Well maintained and marked.

Fucking hard run. This is a point to point trail but I just go as far as I want to consider “half way” and then turn around. Today I turned around at 4 miles and completed the trail at 8. So many elevation changes. Good workout

1 month ago

Nice trail very well maintained. There were many bikers as the afternoon progressed, but overall a nice day and hike!

Such a nice trail to do a part of. Coming back to hike the 12 miles there and back. Accidentally missed recording the first mile. One of the nicest trails I’ve done locally. Peaceful.

Have not done trail riding in about 25 years. We had a blast! Had to take some breaks but loved every minute of it!

Open trail with rolling hills, Perfect for a Sunday stroll.

Great trail with the whole fam!

I turned around half way but it was a great trail.

It was a great trail. Super windy today but trail was lovely.

Nice easy trail. Easy to keep social distancing!

Gerald E. Eddy to Pines campground- out & back- was a good trail until you hit equestrian section halfway through- then pretty torn up by horses- some nice elevation gain and loss- all in all was a nice day to be out in the woods- 15 miles

Lots of bikes but beautiful woods.

Had to stop frequently for bikes on a Sunday. Lot at m52 was full. Pretty trail but some of it is lost in the moment because you need to be on high alert for bikes on each blind corner/hill. The cut through trail from Kame to Green Lake was very pretty! It went right through a sunny corn field. I'd come back on a weekday to see if there are fewer bikes. No service, download your maps!!

on DTE Green Trail

7 months ago

Lovely 5 mi path, but too much biker traffic for hiking.

Awesome, got a little lost however it added more adventure.

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