1 month ago

One of my favorite places in Kent County. There are several spur trails to get extra miles in.

5 months ago

I thought this was a really nice easy trail and if you go around sunset you'll be happy

6 months ago

Really great walk around the lake, with optional offshoot trails.

6 months ago

Very nice trail! Can be a little buggy depending on when you go so make sure to wear bug spray. The red trail is nice but not too hard and everything is well maintained.

Trail was relatively easy except for one steep part on the "hard" trail (red) and it was also very muggy and hot. Trail is gorgeous and the normal lake trail is relatively flat. We hiked the red trail with the blue trail which was about 4.1 miles. Tons of colorful mushrooms!

6 months ago

Great trail for a family hike. Our 5 year old handled it just fine and had a blast along the way. Took us about an hour and a half.

7 months ago

This is a nice set of trails that allow a variety of difficulties. Those looking for a more physical harm me can take the woodland trail path instead of staying on the fairly flat lakeside path.

Note: Dogs are not allowed on this trail as it's a nature preserve, and you could be subject to fines if caught with your dog on the trails.

Great trail. There's a smaller (yellow) loop and the larger (red) loop. The larger probably only being about 1 - 1.5 miles long. Lined with pine trees and pretty wide in most places. It also connects to a paved bike trail that goes a ways in either direction.

trail running
10 months ago

Nice trail running location or going fro a scenic walk. Given MI has not true hiking areas this is a nice opportunity to spend an hour or two. Not crowded


cross country skiing
1 year ago

Best hike in the area by far! Can get a little crowded on a nice weekend, but there is enough trail to separate your self from the crowd.