The centerpiece of Tahquamenon Falls State Park's 50,000 acres is the Tahquamenon River with its waterfalls. The Upper Falls, one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi has a drop of nearly 50 feet, more than 200 feet across and a water flow of more than 50,000 gallons per second.

An excellent introduction for younger hikers - an easy walk in the woods with a beautiful reward at the end.

6 months ago

I've done this trail a few times. It's a good hike, but not much to see until the falls.

Completed this trail in March. The weather was COLD but clear and made for some awesome winter hiking. The big and little falls are very majestic northern Michigan sites. Even for deep winter conditions, the trails were very well maintained and east to traverse.

1 year ago

hiked between two falls. A moderate hike.

1 year ago

Great hike! We went the end of September and it was unusually warm. Saved an unprepared hiker by giving him one of my bottles of water. Lots of steep climbs with exposed tree roots We're heading back up for Labor Day.

Hearty hike! We loved doing an out & back on the NCT after visiting the falls. The trail had been part of a trail running event earlier in the day & my hat is off to those folks! It was hard just to walk this trail!

Elevation feels more significant than the topo confirmed. Loved the switch back section. Light mosquitoes. Storm blew in dramatic clouds but by mid hike the sun was back out.

If you want to see the falls, my rec would be go hike first, then hit the falls as you are leaving. Late afternoon seemed a low traffic time.

Main trail is paved, but there are other trail options- including a jaunt out & back on the NCT. Highly recommend finding the lower traffic areas. One star off for the touristy feel of the entire place & extremely high traffic areas. The falls themselves are gorgeous & well worth the trip. I recommend taking the nature trail from the upper falls parking lot & approaching them from afar- rather than funneling in with the crowd. Late afternoon seemed a much better time to be there population-wise. It was packed around 11am.

Loads of tripping tree roots and muddy seeps. The river and falls are not spectacular but it's nice to wade in the river. Mosquitos were not bad for July. Worth the visit.

Very scenic. Paved and high traffic

Awesome trail! Be sure to bring your swimsuit!

Beautiful scenery, nice spots for taking pictures and overall an easy trek.