The only state park on Lake Erie, Sterling State Park's 1,300 acres offers great recreational opportunities including over one mile of beach, boating, shore fishing on Lake Erie and the fishing lagoons, lakefront camping, wildlife viewing and 6 miles of trails.

Paved hiking trail. Great for bikes, strollers, or just walking. We go here at least 1x a year. Lots of wildlife, including birds, deer, snakes & frogs.

Absolutely love this place

Dead flat loop entirely on asphalt around several lagoons. Lotus colonies in lagoons are spectacular in late July and August. Good wildlife viewing, especially aquatic waterfowl such as ducks, swans, egrets, and herons. Also saw a muskrat. Asphalt trail makes it better for jogging or biking than hiking, but still a nice hike.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

it's an easy, mostly flat, asphalt trail. it's great for dog walking, strollers, jogging, normal walking, biking, fishing. it's moderately busy and goes in spurts. if you go in the early morning it's less busy, but around noon, 5 pm it's peak time for everyone.

I'm more of a challenging trail person with light traffic so, this is why I rated it 3 stars. I also love headphones when running but, here you shouldn't at peak times. there's not a lot of etiquette on passing a runner or a side for runners, biker passing norms, etc.

there's fishing, a lake (check ecoli/weather at the check in), a stair for viewing the whole trail. the basic trail is 3.4 miles, but you can take a trail to a different entrance where you go under a high way and you can take an outer sidewalk that goes over a pedestrian bridge and tally up 6 miles. you can also go from the main trail, to under the highway, out of the park, toward river raisin battlefield and run their trail and add a lot more miles.

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